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This has been a crazy emotional roller coaster of a month.  As you may know, my aunt passed away in June.  Her birthday and memorial service were both this month (two separate events).  While it’s easy to celebrate her life, it also reminds me she is gone.  I think it will hurt for a long time.  I keep thinking I should take some time to write a really great post about her but it’s hard to do so when the wound feels so fresh.
To add to that, we have decided to close our store.  I love our store but it’s just not surviving.  There are a number of reasons why – all of it to do with timing.  The community we live in is split – while there is a wonderful art community here, it’s too hidden to make a real go of our store.  All the creative stores in our area have closed in the last 18 months (we are the last non-box store with art supplies).  We did everything we could and it just didn’t make it.  I don’t see this as a failure.  I see this as a learning experience.  It was an expensive learning experience but that’s the reality behind owning your own business.  So, we move forward.  Right now, I’m trying to plan what to do for our closing and for our next step.  We aren’t giving up completely.  We will have an online presence and go back to doing events.
On top of that, my son was accepted into Jobcorps and is leaving in a week.  Can you believe that?  My baby is leaving home.

So how did my goals go:

#1 Get more organized – right now everything is a mess but it’s a good mess.  With our son leaving and all the stuff with the store and other things, the house is messy but as things settle, we will get it back to being organized.

#2 Drawing Challenge – can’t say I’ve done a lot of drawing but I’ve been playing.  I’m feeling refreshed and excited about drawing.  Right now I’m playing with basic shapes.  It’s amazing how bad I am.  I can’t draw a straight line to save my life but I’ve noticed that practice does make it better.

#3 Read for Pleasure – I read 5 novels and 1 graphic novel in July.  The longest was Doctor Sleep by Stephen King.  Such a great book, I can’t stop talking about it.  Everything I read, I loved.  It’s such a great feeling.

#4 Daily Yoga/Exercise – this one hasn’t been perfect.  I’m trying but I forget.  However, I feel better.

We’ve gotten better with preserving and cooking our CSA foods so they don’t go to waste.  We’ve had a little go in the trash but far less than you would think.  This month I purchased a box of apricots and 100 pounds of onions.  So we’ve been prepping those for storage.  In this case, the freezer.  And we picked cherries.

Not much on the movie front.  I know we have watched a couple but I can’t tell you what.  Mostly we’ve been watching tv shows.  We devoured the second season of Hemlock Grove and pick at Buffy and Angel.  More often than not, we just find there isn’t time to watch anything.  Hopefully our life will settle down a little more in the next couple of months.  While I don’t feel tv is all that important, it would be nice to say we actually were home all evening without feeling completely wasted.

This month has just zoomed by and I don’t feel like it accomplished much but then I know I did more than it feels like.  August is going to be insane as we prep for the closing of the store and the losing of my son.  I know he’s only going to school and he’ll be back to visit.  He may only be gone a year and then he’ll be back.  I know this is the right choice for him and everything but I will miss him.  And I don’t look forward to cleaning his room once he’s gone.