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This month is sure going slow.  I feel like I’m writing this too early but the month is nearly done.  I’m feeling restored and confident.  I’m glad the time slowed a little.
It was a tough month.  We lost my aunt who slipped into a coma-like state and died.  It’s one of those things that will hurt for a long time and, yet, we know she’s in a better place.  Her health had been failing for such a long time.  So while we are sad, we’re happy she is no longer in pain.
Rob and I have been frantically working to re-organize the store.  While it’s still a mess, we find that we like the new layout so much better.

So how did I do on my goals through the month of June:

Goal #1: Get More Organized – We’re still going strong on this one.  This month’s focus has been the store as well as my time.  I’ve become active in my favorite goals group again.  It’s help keep me on task and I feel more organized.  I seem to be working a week ahead more often than trying to cram everything in at the last moment and overlooking things because I didn’t plan them out well.

Goal #2: Drawing Challenge – This goal just gave me fits.  Then I realized that I was going about it wrong.  I had challenged myself to draw off a prompt every week to get me back into drawing.  I was getting stuck on the basics.  I had tried to find something to keep me drawing weekly and yet allow me to improve.  I dropped the challenge prompts and went back to the basics.  I have a learn to draw book that I am doing a section a week.  So far, I’m not up to any actual drawing but I am more excited.  I’ve played and doodled the past three weeks.  I learned things already and look forward to more playing as I go.  I’ve always been a little resistant to learning the basics when it comes to the creative arts (stems from being a very defiant child – these are skills I should have learned then).

Goal #3: Read for Pleasure – I did pick up a book and several graphic novels for review.  I was very picky and still ended up with a couple of stinkers but the rest are ones I would have picked up for pleasure.  My reading pile from the library is growing far too quickly and I’m not reading them as fast as I would normally.  I’m loving the books though.  I have read a full novel and 5 graphic novels.  I’m reading The Eyre Affair and the first graphic novel of The Strain so I’m feeling pretty good.

Goal #4: Daily Yoga – while I haven’t completely changed this goal, I am no longer doing yoga.  I still have knee issues so I’m working on isometrics.  This plan works better for me because I can sit in my chair and do an exercise or two while I read an email or article.  My goal is to move/exercise while on the computer.  So far, so good.

Goal #5: Increase Store Income – Still not making more money but we are still working on strategies to improve our business.

The CSA is going well.  We’ve been getting a great variety of foods.  It’s been tough to keep up with them each week but it’s good to have all those vegetables.  We’ve cut up a bunch for snacking so it’s improved our diet in that way.  We’re eating a lot of new recipes.  For example, this week we had sautéed spinach with garlic, salt and walnuts over pasta.

On the other fronts I normally talk about – I already mentioned the books.  As for movies, we’ve been so busy that the number of movies we’ve watched is low.  We did see The Wolverine and loved it.  The same goes for The Ramen Girl (older movie) and Smurfs 2.  We watched the newer Scooby Doo series.  While it’s quite different from the original, I found that I loved all those little jokes that only the adults would get.  It reminds me of watching Bug Bunny or the like.  A lot of the humor was geared towards those who have watched all the older Scooby Doo shows.  Now we’re watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

In the music scene, I’ve been listening to a Train station on Pandora.  I’m loving all the new discoveries.  I liked Bruno Mars before but I’ve really gotten to know more of his music as well as things I didn’t know Train had done.  My niece has discovered Pink – well she knew some of her music before but now she’s a huge Pink fan.  It gives us a break from Katy Perry.  While I like Katy Perry, for awhile there all she wanted was Dark Horse.  That video is now on it’s way out as she’s discovered Roar and more of Pink’s music.  I love that she’s a fan of strong female performers.  Regardless of what people might think, I find that Pink and Katy Perry are great role models.  While they have their struggles, they still follow their own hearts and are willing to accept the consequences for being true to themselves.  They are also so great to their fans.  Makes me look forward to taking her to one of their concerts someday.