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Goal Setting

Here we are in June, the year is nearly half over.  I’ve been doing well with tracking my goals and trying to keep up with them.  A friend posted this article on goal setting and it got me thinking.  First of all, there are a ton of ways to set goals and what works for me really just works for me.  I understand this but as I read this article (well, series of blog posts) I realized that someone else’s perspective can help us evaluate our goals.  I liked ittybiz’s system.  Not sure it would work for helping me plan my original goals but it was great for checking in.

In the interest of time, I will share with you their technique.  It involves five questions (rumor is there are more but not yet posted).

1.  Does the goal have a magical ending?  (Is the goal designed to have everything perfect once you have completed it – their example was once I lose weight I’ll get a boyfriend.)

2. Does your goal require hope to make it work?

3. Have you thought about how to reduce the impact of your goals on the people you care about?

4. Are you going about your goal in the hardest way possible?

5. Do you know if and when you should fire your goal?

Taking these five questions, I went through my goals.  I’ve been thinking about them anyway but these questions helped me focus a little.  What I loved about my goals is that many of these questions didn’t really apply.  I had created strong, well rounded goals.  I took into account my reasons for the goals.

The only one that had a magical ending was my goal to invest in a CSA (and some hope) – it’s supposed to be encouraging my family to eat more healthy.  But it was also a way to guarantee there would be healthy food in my house even when we are broke that week.  I like the idea of being able to invest in our immediate future (like buying bowling shoes when we signed up for Kids Bowl free – money becomes a non-factor).

All my goals require changing of habits in some way but they are all positive changes.  Like the Getting Organized goal – it requires my family to participate but we’re going about it slowly so it’s not overwhelming.  Every week we organize a cupboard or a section of the house.  The end result is not only an organized space but a cleaner space.  I feel less cranky when my space is clutter free.  My family can relax because I’m not going nuts.  Also – a clean space is easier to keep clean so I am more apt to help a bit more.  I shut down when things are too messy or I go on a rampage and clean (involves a lot of yelling and angry feelings on my part – it’s never pretty).  So while it seems like I have made demands on my family, what they get in return is a happier mommy.  And you know the saying – if momma ain’t happy, nobody’s happy.

I, also, found that I am still passionate about my goals.  I’ve been making a few changes as I realized there were better ways to do some of my goals.  My daily yoga goal has become a goal to take time to stretch or move or do an exercise as I read on the computer.  I read a handful of blogs and articles each day – I can use that time to move a little.  A few isometric exercises or even stepping in place.  My body feels better and I can do it without thinking.  I don’t have to get up from my chair like I was for yoga but I am still getting some results.

Take a moment to re-evaluate your yearly goals – has anything changed?  Are you still passionate about your goals?  What would make you passionate about them again?