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May has flown by.  I’m getting rather tired of the time slipping through my hands.  I’m trying to slow it down but it still rushes by.  May was busy but in a nice way.  I’m working to get into the groove.  Rob and I have been changing up our schedule a little so that we each get some downtime and things still get done.  The house is looking better.

So let’s go to goals before I end up repeating myself.

Goal #1: Get More Organized – this is working out nicely.  The “project” will most likely take all year and continue on.  We’ve been going through a room or section of a room each week.  The house is feeling less congested and I’m finding that I actually like my home again.  We’re cooking more because we actually know what we have for ingredients.  We are more likely to find things and the whole space feels less like it’s pressing in on us.

Goal #2: Drawing Challenge – of all my goals, I would say that this one disappoints me most.  It’s really hit and miss.  I’m still working creatively.  I’m just not drawing like I want.  I think part of my problem is my expectations.  It wasn’t enough to just draw – I’m struggling with my ability.  While the idea was to practice so I’d get better, it’s not exactly a relaxing activity.  I did draw a little so it’s not completely shot.

Goal #3: Read for Pleasure – I read two wonderful books in May.  Took me all month but I loved them.  It’s enough to get me to feel like I’m enjoying my time with a book.  I did download a bunch of graphic novels to review but it’s still for enjoyment.  I get to read some awesome stories and it doesn’t feel like so much work.

Goal #4: Daily Yoga – okay so I lied.  I’m not doing great with a few of my goals and this is another where I dropped the ball.  In my defense I did hurt my knee so the actual yoga is out until it’s healed but I’ve been trying to change it up with some different exercises.  My goal was to strengthen my back and hips so maybe it’s not a complete wash.

Goal #5: Increase Store Income – this is one of those goals I that I knew might not be successful but was a way to get me to think outside the box.  I’m still working on strategies to expand our market without exhausting myself.  While the money isn’t there like I want, I’m finding that some things are really working.

Goal #6: Join a CSA – this was our easy goal and I’m reaping the rewards.  We got our first contribution last Friday and have had lovely greens all week.  There’s something wonderful about fresh food.  It makes me excited for what comes next.

Books – I finished Teri Brown’s Born of Illusion.  I loved it.  Then I read Stephen King’s Wind Through the Keyhole.  It made me want to go back and read all the Dark Tower books again.  I did read them slower than I have ever read before but that’s not a bad thing.  In some ways, I like that I lingered in those worlds.

Movies – It was the month of movies.  There were a lot of bad ones.  I watched some old ones I hadn’t seen such as Roman Holiday.  It was a good movie but I just didn’t get why it’s so popular.  I think there are much better movies from that era.  I definitely wouldn’t put it in the rewatch pile.   There were two that I keep recommending to everyone I talk to – A Fantastic Fear of Everything and The Last Stand.  A Fantastic Fear of Everything is a Simon Pegg movie and I think it’s my favorite.  His character is so funny.  Same goes for Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Last Stand.  It was the perfect comeback movie for him.  We saw Journey to the Mysterious Island (Journey to the Center of the Earth #2).  It was a fun family film.  Along those lines, we rewatched Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs #2 and still love it.  The last movie I’d recommend is Kingdom of Shadows which is a documentary.  If you love horror movies, this is one for you.  It’s about silent horror movies and it was fantastic.  I have new respect for filmmakers.

Music – This has been a month of Irish music at home.  My niece is very vocal about what she wants and that’s Katy Perry’s Dark Horse.  We’ve managed to convince her that Pink is good as well but she loves her some Katy Perry.  That means very limited music playing in our house, especially when she is visiting.  The rest of the family is really tired of Katy Perry.  I can still watch it over and over but I do want a little more than just that one song.

I gotta tell you, helping raise my niece is such a wonderful thing.  I don’t talk much about her because her life with us was supposed to be temporary but I’m tired of pretending this isn’t our life.  At 17 months old, she is an amazing human being to watch develop and change.  She is so smart and learns something every day.  It reminds me that we are always changing and growing, even if we can’t see it.