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I knew exactly what song to pick for this week until I realized I have used it already. My goal is not to repeat songs so I had to pick something else.
This song works. My niece has decided that this video is one she’ll watch. As a toddler, she’s very opinionated about what we watch or listen to. She will let you know quickly and loudly if the song you have selected is wrong. For some time, we had difficulty finding anything aside from Minions Banana Song and Katy Perry’s Dark Horse. While they are both great songs – they have gotten old. So much so that she barely likes the Minions anymore. However, Dark Horse is still going strong.
I love this song so it works for me. It’s been a rough week – Monday holidays are nice except I never seem to grasp the rest of the work week. So now it’s over and I’m still a Rock Star!