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The weather is actually changing here in the Palouse. The Oregon Grape bushes are full of yellow blossoms and I am missing all the dandelion picking. When thinking about the song for this week, I thought it was time to return to my country roots. I was originally thinking Thank God I’m a Country Boy but that didn’t quite fit since I’m not a boy. Then I thought of Gretchen Wilson – I haven’t listened to her in ages but it was the song.
I’m not a redneck woman by definition but I do have that side of me. The days are sunnier and warmer and all I can think about is fishing and being in the dirt. I have been watching the apple trees near where we live for signs that they will produce fruit this year. We had a couple of cold spells that I keep praying didn’t ruin our chances. Based on how other trees are doing, I am hopeful. This might be one of those years I run out of canning jars and find that my freezer bursts with fruit and veggies.
It’s May – the start of the Farmer’s Market and when we should start getting our CSA allotments. I am so excited that we are coming out of winter. I feel like life is going in the right direction. If we can keep snow warnings away for the next month, I just know our summer is going to be fantastic. I can almost taste those fresh blackberries.