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Yes this is Sesame Street and I know it may seem a weird change but when I was planning my year of blogging, I had picked April to be the month of following your dreams. It’s a good time when spring comes to revisit your yearly goals and changes you want to make in your life. April is almost a better month than January because it’s a time of renewal.
This song is about putting down what is holding you back from accomplishing a task. In this case, Ernie can’t play a sax with his rubber duckie in his hand. We all have things that we need that hold us back – even if it’s a temporary problem. For example, we may choose to use our children as an excuse not to progress on our goals. I gave up painting when my son was little. I regret that choice because not only did I give up painting, I gave up a lot of creative endeavors. I could have grasped moments when he wasn’t in the home or when he was sleeping. I could have done something but I didn’t. No one told me I could put him down for a moment to follow my dreams so here I am telling you.