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We are finally showing signs of spring.  There are days when I can shed my coat for a few hours at lunchtime and towards the end of the day.  It’s not hot by any stretch of the imagination but we are creeping towards the mid-50’s.  Things are progressing.  As with everything, March was a dance of accomplishment and failure (of sorts).  That’s how life is.

My goals:
Goal 1: Get more organized – I’m getting better but I was hit hard this month so I let some things slide.  That’s not an organizational problem, per se but it does effect how I spent my time.  The store is getting a little messy but it’s always going to have that ebb and flow of organization.  Home is doing a little better – I got the pantry organized.  The trick is to keep it organized.  I’ve also made a decision to not save so many potential items for crafting but the problem here is getting my family to recycle.  They are great not throwing things out if it’s for me but they are terrible about making sure items go into the recycling bin when they are not.

Goal 2: Drawing Challenge – I’ve been doing a lot of various drawing techniques but that slowed down towards the end of the month.  I plan on taking some more time to draw this month, especially now that I have a new tablet (I used up the last larger sized one and just wasn’t as inspired to draw in the little ones).

Goal 3: Read for Pleasure – I’ve basically finished my books that I planned on reviewing.  I do have a friend’s book that I should read and review but aside from that, all the books I’ve picked up have been for myself.  I didn’t read as many novels as I did go through nonfiction – cookbooks and craft/art books.  Nice to find time in my schedule to go to the library.  I was beginning to miss it.

Goal 4: Daily Yoga – not so good.  I think I did yoga four times this month.

Goal 5: Increase Store Income – it was a better month but it looks like February and March are going to be our slow months.  Here’s hoping that everything I have planned for April will pan out and bring in a lot of revenue.  I’ve been paying store bills out of pocket so it would be nice to have the store catch up on it’s bills and send some money our way.

Goal 6: Join a CSA – I paid for my membership this month so that’s all done and now it’s about waiting for the plants to grow.

Books –
Is it cheating to say that the few books I’ve finished were all graphic novels?  I am currently reading Lemony Snicket’s Who Could That Be At This Hour?  If I can stay focused I should be able to finish that and it’s sequel this week.  I love Lemony Snicket.  I know he’s a juvenile/YA author but he is funny.  I love his witty style.  I, honestly, feel like his books are better suited to adults (a lot like Bugs Bunny cartoons).

This has been a month of watching old favorites – Amityville Horror, Hellboy, Stargate, Tales From the Darkside, The Borrowers.  We did rent the newest Chucky and Insidious part two.  Neither one would be listed amongst my favorites.  I actually liked Chucky best out of those two.  If you do see, watch it all the way through the credits.  The best scene is at the end (we lost the remote and didn’t find it until the scene had started).
One new to me movie I did see and love was Move Over Darling.  My son even enjoyed it.  It’s an old Doris Day movie where she is lost at sea and comes home the day her husband remarries.  It’s funny and enjoyable.  Just don’t overthink it, remember it’s the 60’s.

This month I have had this weird shift in what I want to listen to – lots of Hinder, Three Days Grace and the like.  It’s been fun discovering new music this way.  Most of it’s not exactly new but more like I had forgotten I liked it.

April is going to be crazy but I look forward to it.