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You are getting a bonus post from me today.  I am ashamed to say that I meant to share this weeks ago.

Rosemary O’Brien is a writer friend of mine.  I’ve watched her put together this project and have been there with her begging for funding help.  It’s an amazing project.

I grew up in rural Washington and I have never been to New York City.  To be honest, New York kind of scares me – it’s a big noisy place with too many cars and not enough trees.

Where I live, we can spit and hit a park (practically).  The small town I lived in was about a mile square and had 5 “major” parks not to mention green spaces where there were empty lots or such.

I had never heard of a pocket park.  It’s concept was completely foreign to me until Rosemary told me of her project.  I was immediately taken in.  Her project has made me actually want to visit New York.  I love this idea of an oasis especially when they are designed to make the visitor forget they are in the middle of a city.

To me, this book is a necessity.  I can’t imagine traveling to a large city without a book like this.  As a country girl, I need to know where I can escape the hustle and bustle, to catch a breath, to let my ears have a break from the noise.

I am so proud to say that all of Rosemary’s work has resulted in a book.  I want you to buy this book.  Support a great cause.  Not only is Rosemary’s work vital but her work supports Veterans’ families.  I can’t tell you how exactly but I know that supporting Veterans’ and their families is very important to Rosemary’s work (I know she’s talked about having a portion of her proceeds go to an organization but I don’t want to give misinformation so I’ll leave it at that).

The best part is she’s making more.  She hopes to have a series of books about hidden parks in cities.  How wonderful is that?!  Not only will people discover these parks and sanctuaries in the city but it will encourage people to make more green spaces.  Perhaps the ones already in place will be improved to be added to her books.  Makes me want to live in the city so I can help her find parks (not really – but I can visit for a long time).

To learn more – click on the picture above which will send you to Amazon or visit her website – Pocket Parks of NYC.