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I’m excited to see how things turn out this year.  I know we’re only a month into it but I already feel like this is going to be a great year.  I already feel successful.
For these review posts, I want to work on being a little brief since I can talk so three parts – goals, movies, books.  I will only share music if I didn’t have enough Friday’s to share.

2014 Goals

Goal 1 – get more organized.  I got my planner all organized and am going to actually design and print my own which will work better than the two book system I have going on right now.  The store is getting more organized and it’s not getting messed up which is good.  My home – not so much but I’m working on a plan and have already started executing it.

Goal 2 – drawing challenge.  I got my wix account all set up (I threw that in here) which was great so now I have my online portfolio in the works – still needs more work but it’s live.  As for the drawing challenge, I started a facebook group.  I created 48 challenges to inspire a creation a week.  I completed last week’s challenge which wasn’t horrible.

Goal 3 – Reading for pleasure vs for review.  I’m still trying to clear out my review books.  I actually dropped a few which was so freeing.  I hold on to them hoping and praying that I can read them and love them.  It’s not always the case.  I’ve already decided to continue purging and read only those that inspire me.  My goal is to be done with them all this month so I can move on to books I own or get from the library.

Goal 4 – Daily Yoga.  Took me a couple weeks to get this started but I’ve kept up with it for two weeks.  It’s not exactly daily since I have a very short routine I am doing twice a day Monday through Friday but it’s something.  I am already feeling so much better.  My back doesn’t hurt like it had been and I seem to be working out that pinched nerve.

Goal 5 – increase store income.  A few strategies in place.  We had a great month but not quite where I want it.  I started the etsy store but only have one item listed so I need to do more there.

Not too bad on the goal front.

Books –

I read five books in January.  My favorite was the only graphic novel I read – Courtney Crumrin: The Witch Next Door.  I love these books and even at 5 they don’t seem to be getting stale.  I read the second Somerton book – Diamonds and Deceit at Somerton.  It was good but it had been just enough time since book 1 that I had problems figuring out who was who – there are a ton of characters.  I’m sure there will be a book 3 but I’m not as enthusiastic for it.

The other three books I read were your basic romance.  I found by the third book that I was beginning to hate romance.  I hated the fact that all three had virgins as main characters.  Really – it was so bizarre.  I asked around and my friends felt like virgins are a common trait amongst main characters in romance but apparently I haven’t read enough.  They were more mainstream than I normally read.  I don’t know.  I’m not excited to read more romance and that may be why my reading list for reviews just feels so hard to read – so much romance.  I do have a horror book on the list that I’m thinking will offer the break I so desperately need.

Movies –

TV has basically sucked this past month so I have watched a ton of movies.  Lots of older movies that I love – Heathers, Four Rooms, Rosemary’s Baby, Roadhouse, April’s Fools Day, Isn’t She Great, Pirates of Penzance, Silver Bullet, American Mary, Nightwatch and Daywatch.

Out of those, I found that I no longer love Roadhouse.  I think I’ve just outgrown it because I thought the romance was terrible and the plot was just so-so.  I remember loving it when I was a teen.  Maybe it’s not a good month for romance and me – who knows.

My favorites were: Isn’t She Great – everyone needs to watch it.  I loved it so much I tried to watch Valley of the Dolls (yuck).   And Nightwatch/Daywatch – they are Russian so watch it with the subtitles.  They are amazing sci-fi action movies.  I really wish they would make more.

One other thing I want to point out is that we rewatched American Mary which is the movie I have based Mary Was a Good Girl.  I think I’ve ruined the movie, we could barely watch it.  I was so saddened by the characters because they weren’t like mine.  I’ve realized that I can make a story that pulls away from that movie enough that I could possibly make it into a “real” story.

New movies we watched were – Red 2, Safe Haven, Sexy Evil Genius, Lovestruck the musical, Grabbers, Unknown, All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, Triple Dog, The Wolf Man, Dracula, and Cirque du Soleil: World’s Away.

I didn’t like Safe Haven – it lacked so much.  Sexy Evil Genius and Triple Dog weren’t great movies but enjoyable.  Sexy Evil Genius was so slow but the ending was interesting enough to warrant watching it (and it has a ton of “stars”).

Watching the old movies, The Wolf Man and Dracula, really gave me an appreciation for how movies came to be and how far we have come.  The plots were a bit strange but I can understand why.  We’re so used to movies and books and information that we like our stories a bit deeper but back then movies were new and just coming out of the silent era – plots could be a bit more thin.  The acting is interesting as well because it’s a bit over the top but some of them are so talented.

My favorites – Red 2, absolutely.  We love those movies.  All the Boys Love Mandy Lane was an okay movie but the ending was so great (at least to me).  I can see it inspiring a new story.  Cirque Du Soleil – I’m thinking we can watch it every month and still want more.  It’s amazing to watch.

So there’s January in a nutshell.  It was a good month.  It’s been terribly cold and I’m creating slowly but I’m finishing projects.  My design class ends soon and I’ve started a drawing class and one on disaster preparation.  I can’t wait to share more and see where February goes.