I’ve learned my lesson when it comes to New Year Goals.  In the past, I plan too many changes and I make them overly specific.  Honestly, that’s what they tell you – make your goals specific so you can work towards them but they don’t leave any room for life changes.  Every year I think I have a handle on how my life will go something big changes.  These are changes I couldn’t predict such as a house fire or loss of a job or even opening a store.

Then there’s the part of my brain that just doesn’t work right.  I completely forget things, especially when I get stressed.  I forget what day of the week it is many times a week so how am I going to create lasting changes?  I figured what I need are goals that are simple.  I need most of those goals to be easily accomplished early in the year and I need them to support my “daily” life.

So I brainstormed and came up with some things that would simplify my goals and my life.

My first goal is to join a CSA – if everything goes well I can pay early and not have to worry about it except for the pick-up.  This replaces my doing a garden which is stressful every year.  I’m also considering buying atleast part of a cow so we don’t have to worry about meat either.  Both of these would give my family organic and healthy food to eat which would help us with our eating goals.  I’m not going to make any other food goals but hope that this just encourages better eating in general.

My biggest goal is to get organized.  I often say this but what happens is forgetfulness creeps in or my family messes up my organization.  This leaves me overwhelmed.  My current project is to organize my planner and look at the year as one unit.  I’m making lots of notes while I’m in the groove so that when I do get overwhelmed, things are already planned out.

After that, my goal is to get my craft room and work spaces organized to the point that they are easy to keep.  It will mean keeping up with everyone else to make sure they are putting things back where they belong and not letting things slide.  I understand that this will be the hardest part since it relies on other people keeping up with it as well.

After that my goals are so simple but then they could be the hardest ones.

– Stop getting review galleys and read what I have in my to-read pile.  I did well last year and then found myself sucked in again.  I have so many galleys that I’m not really enjoying the reading process.

– Finish my Wix Website.  I went back and made some changes and I think it will suit my needs better.  This allows me to share my art/portfolio without having to be witty or write posts.

– Decide what I’m going to do (if anything) with Tumblr.  I registered and had thoughts and now it just sits there.

– Pick 1 art challenge and actually do it.  It’s not about adding more to my plate but stimulating my creativity especially when I’m having down days.  I don’t want to pick an overly heavy challenge either.  One I am looking at is a weekly challenge which should help me keep up with the creative projects I already want to do.

– Do some yoga daily.  Not a huge routine but a few poses (maybe alternate) that will help me keep my joints healthy.

– Last – work towards increasing the store’s income.  While that may seem like a big goal, it’s just seems like a natural goal.  It’s based on steps we already have in place and a few more that I am planning.  But it’s also a trial and error sort of goal.  If things don’t work, we come up with another plan.  It’s meant to be fluid and constant.

So there we have it – my goals for 2014.  Not such bad goals so we’ll see how they go.