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When January comes, I sit down and plan my year of Muppet videos so I’m never left wondering what’s out there. This year I wanted to do videos from the movies. Well as wonderful as that idea is – there are not 52 videos. I like to stick to the music because it’s more enjoyable to watch in short clips. So while my main focus is on the movies, you will find videos from the Muppet Show thrown in (and I cheated a little more and did a month of Labyrinth videos).
I was so excited to plan this year’s videos that I even started next year’s as well as this year’s blog posts that aren’t Muppets. I’m changing how I, personally, do this blog. I most likely won’t be posting as many craft/art posts. I’m creating an online portfolio to share my creations and I have a creative blog for our store. That doesn’t mean I won’t share art and crafts here but I want to return to sharing more recipes and other thoughts. I’m limiting my posts to just one a day (Monday through Friday) so I’m not posting a bunch of posts one week and almost nothing the next week. I’m going to try to be more consistent so that means only 2 days a week for actual posts.