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I have no picture because I just didn’t take one.  I thought about it and even thought that maybe I should make up some pretty “caramel” apples to show off this recipe but I’m not 100% sure how I feel about it.

I wish I could remember where I found this raw caramel apple recipe but pinterest keeps eating my link.  It’s not a hard recipe, if you don’t make the same mistakes I made.

However, it doesn’t taste anything like caramel apples.  I was rather disappointed because I love caramel apples.  I liked this recipe for two reasons – I had all the ingredients and it was so “quick”.  The original recipe didn’t give me enough to foresee complications.

So what is a raw caramel apple?  It’s an apple coated in date paste.  The date paste is the hardest part of all this.  It does require soaking so it takes time.

Start with 1 pound of dates and 1 cup of water.  Something I didn’t know – the dates I bought from Costco still had the pits and my food processor leaks like you wouldn’t believe.

I soaked my dates and water in my processor overnight and in the morning turned it on to be covered in sticky date water.  My floor is still sticky and it’s been mopped a few times since.  This is definitely a blender recipe – don’t let them fool you.  I spent some time digging my fingers through what goo the food processor had made to remove the pits and still ended up with two in the blender (one caught in the blade so I had to stop and dig it out while the other was shoved to the top and stuck to the lid).

From there, it’s really easy – coat apple in date paste and roll in nuts or coconut.  Since by the time I was ready to eat the apples I didn’t care about them being actual caramel apples, I sliced up the apple and made a dipping station with coconut, chopped almonds and chopped hazelnuts.

The taste was good but my son said it best when he said it tasted like a fig newton but appley.  I was thinking more a raw food bar but the concept is the same.  It didn’t have the sweet gooey flavor that caramel does.  We liked it enough to eat two apples dipped.

I’m thinking the remaining date paste may end up going in something else – like a cake or a raw chocolate goodie.  I might even grate up some apple and “invent” a new bar recipe.

Now that I have done this once, I can see me making this date paste again.  Not sure it would be my favorite apple dip but it has a lot of potential.