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My birthday is this upcoming Wednesday.  My parents decided to treat me and my husband to a night at the Davenport Hotel in Spokane.

On Sunday’s the Davenport hosts a Brunch and a special that includes a one night stay.  That was the package they got for us.

We went up to Spokane Sunday morning, rather early.  I have to admit that while I was super excited, I was a little nervous.  I’m a bit of a country bumpkin.  While I can dress up, I’m not familiar with any of these hotel things.

The valet parking scared the heck out of me but my mom gave me a bit of advice.  Mostly, she told me that the staff is wonderful.  I pulled into the valet circle and told the guy that it was my first time and I had questions.  He was cool about it.  Our brunch reservation was at 11 and according to the website, check-in was at 4 so I was a little stressed about the itinerary.  I’m great with going with the flow when all the details are clear but my OCB brain was not enjoying this beginning.

The valet was amazing.  He had no problem walking me through the process from letting us know we could try checking in now and that they had a place to store our bags until we could check in.  We left everything in his capable hands (after tipping him $3 for being so wonderful).

The front door was opening by this older gentleman in a red doorman jacket (how cool was that).  We checked in at valet which is the first desk and then onto the front desk where they gave us our brunch tickets and checked us in (5 hours early).  I still odds and ends in my hands when we went to brunch because we had 2 minutes before our reservation and I was still so nervous.  The ladies there were awesome.  They took our coats and my big metal water bottle to coat check.  Then walked us to our table.

The hostess held out my chair for me and then placed a napkin on my lap.  She then went to help my husband and get him all settled.  Our waiter looked like he’d stepped out of an Italian restaurant comedy.  So nice and helpful.  He brought us a selection of hot teas (and me a mimosa because I’m on vacation).

The food was amazing.  I can barely remember everything I ate.  A nice woman, Sarah, actually helped walk me through the lines pointing out items that had egg in it so I could avoid them.

What I ate – country fried potatoes, salt crusted prime rib with creamy horseradish sauce, roasted turkey with pepper cognac sauce and warmed cranberries, short ribs on potato with roasted fall vegetables, steelhead with roasted fall vegetables, grilled chicken on jasmine rice with a cardamom sauce.  That was basically plate 1 and all just bites because there was so much food.  I had an amazing dinner roll with salt crusted butter balls.  I love salty food.

The “salad” bar had fresh fruit – strawberries, blackberries, blueberries.  Sushi that was so (I’m running out of adjectives) awesome.  I didn’t even blink that I was eating raw fish.  I was so tempted to go back for more but I was getting full and there was a whole dessert table to go through.

Thanks to Sarah, I was able to try the rum balls, chocolate peanut brittle, chocolate truffle cookies and mousse cups.  All egg free.  I slipped a few raspberries on the plate for good measure.

It was so great.  The space where we dined was beautiful.  Real linens, ornate chandeliers, so much beauty.

Then we went to our room, completely stuffed.  The room is simple and cozy.  Not overly done which was really a treat.  The bed was okay.  I’m a homebody and I think I’m finding that I can only sleep in my own bed but that was okay.  We were so thrilled to have TV.

Our bags did disappear but the hotel found them when my husband went down two hours after we checked in.  I wasn’t too stressed by Rob needed his medicine.

After that, we spent some time walking around downtown Spokane.  I thought I had been smart and did some research.  I wanted some baked goods and food.  We weren’t hungry at this time but I wanted to make sure I had some things to eat.  Out of the three places I had found online, we could only patron one.  And the selection was lousy.  I bought a cupcake and a breakfast cookie.  I wanted things like bagels and pastries but I made do with what I had found.

Rob and I had some fun downtown but it’s sad to see that all the fun and interesting shops seemed to be gone.  It was a lot of walking and hardly any shopping.

We stopped in the shop in the hotel before retreating to our room.  They make some wonderful peanut brittle at the hotel so we picked some up and asked the woman for dinner recommendations.  I didn’t really want to leave the hotel but I wasn’t sure what to do.  She made a few suggestions outside of the hotel but said I might be interested in appetizers which made me think we could get appetizers in the hotel.  So we stopped and talked with the hostesses of the restaurant.

We weren’t hungry but they let us look at a menu and we said we’d be back at 6.  It was funny because the hotel was so dead so they didn’t think we’d need reservations (turned out that it was packed at 6 but that’s coming up).

We got to our room where someone left a very sweet note apologizing for the luggage mix-up and gave us a 25% off coupon for a meal in the hotel.

It was just after 3 at this time.  Rob and I were so tickled that we weren’t having to entertain ourselves while waiting to check in.  So we took the time to go soak in the hot tub in the basement.  We didn’t stay for too long.  Indoor pool areas like this often give me a chlorine headache but it’s just one of those things that happens to me.  From there, Rob and I took a shower in the shower room of our hotel room.  That space was bigger than our bathroom at home.  It was huge and fun to actually take a shower together without someone risking falling out of the tub.  I’m not going in to details about what that led to.

However, at one point, Rob wanted to watch the football game so I took the time to jump into the huge soaking tub with some homemade milk bath.  My mom said take more than you think because the tub is huge.  I took three bags and used two.  The water was still not as milky as usual.  For home, I use half a bag.  It was wonderful.  I was able to do a hand treatment and then rub everything with a handmade lotion bar.  I can’t wait to experiment with making my own lotion bars.  It wasn’t greasy.  I ended up taking another shower in the morning and I could still feel the lotion after it.

So after a little more relaxing and a bit of a nap (for Rob), we headed down to dinner.  We had decided that we wanted the hummus platter.  I was feeling that with our coupon we could get a special drink or two.

We got to the restaurant to find it packed.  It was so funny but the hostess suggested we try the bar where we could order our food.  We’re not great with all the etiquette but they were so nice because we were not doing it well.

We had the best waiter.  He got us our calamari and hummus.  After I had eaten a few bites, it dawned on me that I didn’t ask if it had eggs.  It was completely my fault but our waiter brought me some sorbet as an apology.  I have to tell you, I just wanted to cry they were so nice.  I was also a tiny bit drunk because I was drinking the best hot buttered rum I’ve ever had.  It was like fall and Christmas all blended together.  I’m a very light drinker – one’s my limit and that means having to wait an hour before I can drive.  I wasn’t driving but we still had an hour before our TV shows came on and I wasn’t ready to go to our room.

So we spent the time doing the walking tour of the hotel.  The Davenport Hotel was originally built in about 1904 so there’s a lot of history there.  The architecture is amazing.  It was so much fun to wander the halls and peek into ballrooms.  I was sorry I didn’t take the camera.  We made our way to the 4th floor and the garden terrace.  OMG – it was beautiful.  I could spent all night there except we weren’t dressed for the chilly evening.

Back at the room, Rob took a bath while I watched Once Upon a Time.  It was such a wonderful evening.

We finished our stay with trips to the Starbuck’s in the lobby.  Rob went for his breakfast while I was still sleeping and then wanted a nap while I got my coffee.  My breakfast cookie was not great but the pumpkin spice latte and sitting in the lobby was fantastic.  We can’t wait to do it again and I really want to bring my son.  I think it’s a good educational experience for him.  I think he’d appreciate the food and the architecture.  Maybe we can find some fun places nearby that either are still in operations or open while we are there.  I have so many fond memories of Spokane but this is easily my favorite.