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I’m actually stumped.  Nothing much going on here that I can blog about.  I’m reading a book – Never Fade but I’m not finished and the last book I read was rather smutty so I don’t share those.  Can’t really explain why but I never can talk about the smut that I read – not sure if it’s because they are never really great books or because I have some deep rooted need to pretend I don’t read then.  I’ve got a huge reading pile right now and am not getting through it very fast.

Aside from that – I barely cook because we are never home but I’ve been doing some crafting and art but nothing is finished enough to share.  Tomorrow is ATC night so Thursday I’ll share the cards I made for September.  They aren’t my best but in the end, I actually like them.

So because I’m feeling a little empty, I thought I’d share a blog post I just read.  This woman is so much a kindred spirit.  I can picture her husband perfectly because it’s my husband too (not really, just metaphorically – no polygamy rumors please).  Her story made me laugh so hard, I cried.  I also decided she is my new best friend (sorry Vanessa but I know you’d understand).