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I am now writing two blogs – this one here and another for our store World’s End.  This has created a bit of an issue for me just because I’m out of routine.  I’m working on getting a bit more organized since I haven’t really been well organized for the past few months.  I didn’t even begin to understand how much work I’d be putting into the store in addition to the rest of my life.

I have a high school junior which is also adding to the amount of work I have in my life.  So with all of this, I am working on building a better routine.  I had a good system going so I know I can get this done.  Please be patient with me while I get things sorted.

I’ve decided to give each day a theme.  Most days already have a theme – Monday is Muppets, Wednesday is Writing and Friday is my song of the week.  Those are going to stay.  I’ve really enjoyed writing about summer reading so I’m going to keep Tuesdays as a reading.  I’ll share a book or something related to reading.  Thursdays are my budget/money saving days.  These should be my morning posts and then in the afternoon I’ll return to my normal zaniness with art and food and whatever posts.  My hope is that they will be consistent as well.  I may share some of the crafting posts I do on World’s End.  I’m crafting and creating so much for the store.  The idea is that I am sharing ideas so when people come in they can start seeing thrift items in a new light.  They are no longer stuff – they are supplies.  It’s lots of fun but it’s been poorly organized on my part.  I’m getting better and I’m learning a system.

I’m letting go a little, not well because I am highly OCD.  Giving up control means giving up things being where I want them.  It’s a tough lesson to learn because no one at the store is organized like I am.  They are all a little chaotic and it’s making me crazy.  So I control what I can which is crafting.  I can make lists because I follow them (why won’t anyone else follow my lists) and actually get things moving smoothly.  So I ask that if you are patient with me, we will all be better for.

On top of all this, I have run out of my story so I have to find time for writing.  I love Out of the Darkness and it’s currently in it’s third re-write.  Posting it here is forcing me to finish the re-write but it couldn’t have hit at a worse time for me organizationally.  That will teach me to try to force myself to do something.  It’s all good, I just won’t have the new chapters be as well edited.  Even though going back I realized there were a handful of editing errors – oops.  Oh well, it’s all for fun and I do like have people reading my blog and I want you to have the best blog I can give you.  Next week should be better but still not perfect.  Hopefully, though it will be enough of a transition that I can have everything working well the following week.  Here’s to crossed fingers and detailed lists.