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Cold Coffee

I’m not a huge iced coffee fan.  I don’t tolerate coffee well so it’s a real treat for me and I usually save it for the coldest days.  However, after making sweetened condensed milk, my husband and I have been wanting coffee.  It’s really hot here and my first attempt at making iced coffee wasn’t that great.  I opted to take hot coffee and pour it over sweetened condensed milk and ice.  The result was a watered down lukewarm cup of coffee.

Then I read about cold brewing.  I’ve heard of this before and wanted to try it back when I still had a French press (it had an unfortunate meeting with the floor and didn’t survive).  Then the other day I was reading about how people are making cold brewed coffee without a French press.  I don’t why but suddenly I had to try this.

There are a lot of suggestions but not a real “technique”.  Like many things that are “new”, people are making due with what they have.  The suggestion is to use coarse ground coffee.  I didn’t have anything but what was in the cupboard and if I wanted for the “right” coffee I could be waiting well into winter.  So I though – let’s throw caution to the wind and go from there.  I scooped about 5 scoops of my regular brew (a great dark chocolate cherry) into a quart canning jar, filled it with cold water, put on a lid and put it in the fridge.  That was yesterday morning.

Last night I pulled out the jar.  I filled two glasses about halfway with cream and sweetened condensed milk (mostly I was worried the cream would go bad and there wasn’t all that much of it).  Using a large tea strainer, I strained the coffee into the glasses.  Rob and I got our glasses and that’s when I realized that the lovely dots of black was not vanilla beans.  The flavor was great but I was chewing far more coffee grounds than I should have been.  Not the success I imagined.  I thought about pouring the whole concoction through a paper coffee filter until I remembered we have a metal reusable coffee filter.  It was the filter from a single serve coffee pot that bit the dust a few years back.  We use it in a pinch to make coffee.

The drink filtered wonderfully.  I did both glasses and then the remaining coffee in the jar.  I put the cold coffee in a clean jar and put it back in the fridge.  This morning we had a wonderful glass of iced coffee which we had to share because a quart only makes about 3 glasses of iced coffee.

Of course, I started the next batch and realized if I want to sleep no coffee tonight.  However, the cold coffee will make a great treat with my breakfast.

So you don’t have a small metal reusable coffee filter – no problem.  Use a funnel and a paper coffee filter before you add anything to the coffee.  It might take a little while but not so much that your coffee gets warm.  The iced coffee without ice was the best summer treat I have ever had.  I love it with the homemade sweetened condensed milk (we’re using the batch that didn’t get all that thick so it’s like a thick sweet vanilla scented cream).

The best part of all this – my wonderful iced coffee costs a fraction of what they sell for in the store and tastes so much better.