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I am absolutely stumped when it comes to blog posts this week.  I should have tons of ideas but I am tired.  I have so many projects in the works that I can barely think.  I promise to get better and this afternoon, I’ll return to the Summer Reading posts.

Things that have been going on –

Last week, my best friend was in town visiting her mother in law.  My son’s grandparents from Alaska had come for a visit (and then she fell and broke her arm – I felt so bad).  My brother was in a car accident – he’s fine but it was scary.

On top of all that, I’ve been working on craft projects for the store as well as working on getting through all that inventory we stashed earlier.  I’m working on creating a website for the store which should go live soon.  I’m just off routine.  Holidays do that so I have this chronic feeling of being behind.  My brain gets stuck when I get those feelings.  I’m still working on the birthday cards to mail out for July which feels so late.  I always like to get them sent on the 1st but making them from scratch means not always being able to do that.  I have an idea so hopefully I can get them out.

Next week my son goes to camp.  He’s got therapy days and summer school and now camp.  I’m about to explode.  Anyway – things will get better so please don’t forget me while you are having a busy summer as well.