June in Review

June came and went so fast.  I barely remember it which is sad.  I can’t believe it’s just about over.  We’ve been busy with the store which is going great.  I am so proud of it.  We’re getting more creating time and projects.  I’m not getting as many done as I thought I would but it’s all about learning the balance of your time.  Timing is tough since we’re still trying to get into the new routine.

My garden is doing fine.  We’ve had rain for the past two weeks which is good and bad.  Seems like the only sunny days we’ve been getting is on Saturdays which is not a complaint at all.  I am so grateful for the sunny weather so we can do outdoor things at the store.  The only sad part is we just don’t have enough sun time for me to get all the things I’d like done.  I’m not even 100% sure what my garden looks like.  We haven’t been able to get more plants either which is a shame.  Hopefully, we’ll get some time in the next week or so to get a few more plants to replace the two we lost during that cold snap.

I haven’t had much time to read.  I read the final books of the series – Artemis Fowl and Maximum Ride.  Sad to have a series end.  Both had amazing and sad endings.  Makes me wish they weren’t ending but all good series end before they get stale.

Movies – I saw Warm Bodies but I’m not sure when I saw it so I apologize if I’ve mentioned it before.  Loved the movie.  I know we’ve seen others but that’s the only one that has stuck with me.  Right now we’re enjoying Doctor Who.  I didn’t love the first season but I’m loving the second.   I wish I could back and watch the original series.

I’m stuck when it comes to music and I keep getting interrupted while I type this post that I can’t think of anything.  I know there might be a song or two that I discovered this month, oh well.  I guess my forgetfulness is worse than I thought.  The whole point of doing monthly reviews was to strike while the iron was hot but apparently it doesn’t even stay hot for that long.