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Wedding Planning

I not only missed last week’s post but I totally forgot about tools for planning the wedding.  A good wedding plan means better control of the finances.  I have two resources that you can use to plan your wedding for no cost.

The first is a printable wedding planner from Free Printables http://www.printableweddingplanner.com/

And the second is The Knot http://www.theknot.com/

I used The Knot 10 years ago to plan my wedding.  The great thing about using a wedding planner of this sort is that there are details you might miss.  The Knot allowed me to track all my details and offered me lots of ideas.  It was perfect for me.  I did also have a small pretty journal that I cut and pasted pictures to and attached business cards and whatever else.  I do recommend having something of that sort to help.  A pinterest page can help organize those pictures and things online but it won’t prevent you from losing that card from that one place you thought you might like.  It happens, you think you won’t forget but you will.  Have a place to attach the bits of paper and ideas while you are out.  You might eat somewhere that you think has the best xyz and you might want it for the reception.  Add it to the journal (make it small enough that it fits in your purse or bag) and make a note about what you liked or what you were thinking when you got the card.

I found inspiration everywhere.  I went for a walk through a park that was having a party – the caterer was amazing.  I talked with them a moment and got a card.  I ended up with a different caterer but I had options (the caterer did barbecue and we went with an English tea theme).

I know there are other sites out there similar to The Knot.  I don’t have any experience with them.  I loved working with The Knot but they may not be the resource you prefer.  Take some time and play in the various wedding planning sites.  Look for hidden fees – some may allow you to do certain things for free and then charge for the advanced planning features.  If you don’t need those features – cool.

If you opt to not use a site like that – get familiar with Excel or other spreadsheet software.  You may want to anyway.  Spreadsheets are the best organizational tool.  You can sort your guest list, track your expenses, create check lists.  You can even use them to plan your menu and decorations (and who is responsible for them).

I will say that sometimes delegating means someone doesn’t follow through.  That doesn’t mean not to delegate but if you are well organized you can catch what might fall through the cracks.  I delegated the responsibility for the sound system at the wedding and forgot to follow up so we had no music for the reception.  In the end, it didn’t hurt anything but it was frustrating to be there in the morning to find that someone didn’t do what they were supposed to.