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April in Review

April just rushed by.  I still feel like it hasn’t quite started and now it’s over.

The weather in the Palouse has been typical spring weather – a bounce from freezing to hot and back.  We’ve had 60 degree days and days below freezing.  Everyone I know has been battling a cold or some illness.  It’s most likely due to the weather.  Some mornings are so cold that we bundle up to get out the door and then it’s hot by lunch time.  I never know which coat to wear.  I hear it’s currently snowing after summer like weather this past weekend.

Things are moving slowly with the store.  We’ve been painting but it’s amazing how much time it takes.  I keep saying we need to paint by montage but it has yet to happen.  As of last night we had 1/2 a wall done and about 1/2 the ceiling.  I’ve barely trimmed the bathroom which I had hoped would be the first project finished.  Tonight we’ll be painting part of the floor and finishing a part of the ceiling so we can have the new sink put in.  It’s not as big of a sink as we had hoped to get but it has a good sized counter.  I can’t tell you how excited I am but we have a lot to finish up to get it ready to open soon.  We wanted to be open this coming weekend but hopefully we’ll have all the main painting done so we can open next weekend.  It will be a soft opening with a grand opening happening later.

Music – not sure I can say I’ve discovered new music this month.  I’ve been listening to Pandora at work and it’s the same stations except I added a Taylor Swift and a Death Cab for Cutie station.  I have found a great love for Pink’s new song Just Give Me a Reason featuring Nate Ruess (lead singer of Fun.).

Movies – We saw Les Mis – not as bad as I thought it would be.  It wouldn’t be amongst my favorites.  We did see this movie Hansel and Gretal Warriors of Witchcraft.  It was so bad it was hysterical.  We’re still laughing about it days later.  It’s definitely a MST3K sort of movie.  I keep saying we need to create some sort of game to go with the movie.  It could make a fun drinking game – maybe we can do it with jelly beans or something.

It’s not a movie but we watched Hemlock Grove on Netflix.  I recommend it.  It’s borderline porn so don’t watch it with your kids.  However, it had an interesting plot and we didn’t see the ending coming like we should have.  I’m tempted to watch it again.

We, also, watched the movie Faces in the Crowd – not the best movie ever made but it did get me thinking.  The main character loses her ability to recognize people.  It was fascinating to watch because I have difficulty remembering faces as well.

Other good movies – Everything Must Go, Love Wedding Marriage,

I watched all of The Lying Game so I’m really hoping it doesn’t get cancelled.  I hate finding a new show and then discovering it’s over.  It’s one thing going into it knowing the show was cancelled and another going in thinking it’s still on.

Books – This month I decided to stop reviewing books and just read what appeals to me.  It’s been a slow reading month and while I have enjoyed my books, I can’t say that any of them stand out as great books.  I read the last two Hannah Swenson books (by Joann Fluke) and the last Anastasia Pollack book (by Lois Winston).  If you like cozy mysteries then I highly recommend both these series.

I’m hoping May will go a little smoother and we’ll settle into a routine.  It’s going to be busy but it’s always worth it.