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Thrifty Weddings

Last week, I received a thrifty newsletter in the mail.  One of the articles was on thrifty weddings.  As I read through this article, I realized that there are better tips out there – in fact the way I did my own wedding was far better than the tips in the article.  I had my dream wedding for under $3000.  I put it that way because we didn’t actually track our expenses but the majority of them were around $2000.  We may have missed a few expenses in our estimate but still – a dream wedding for so little.  One guest told me that her neice had a similar wedding a few months earlier and it cost her significantly more.

I don’t understand this trend to just throw money at a one time event.  I know that weddings are huge milestones but you don’t need to spend the equivilant of a car or house to have an amazing one.  There are so many tips to cut expenses and some may give you a better experience that you could imagine.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll discuss venue options, flowers, reception ideas, food, decorations, and dresses.  There are so many wonderful ways to have your dream wedding without breaking the bank.  All it takes is careful planning and some creative shopping.  Giving yourself ample time helps as well but I will also have tips for finding last minute deals.