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tea and spa party

Before putting the tea party theme to bed, I realized that there is just one more thing I want to share.  My favorite sort of tea party involves my family, tea, food and a hot pan of water for my feet.  Might sound strange but don’t knock it.

When I started making soaps and bath products to sell, I needed family to offer to be guinea pigs.  This lead to a trend of food soaking when the family got together.  In fact one of my favorite pictures is my son (about age 4) and my father sitting on the couch soaking their feet (in dish pans on the floor).  Soon we were creating events around our foot soaking.

It was common to see us in the backyard with a full spread and our feet soaking.  This lead to my writing Sara Soaks At Home (Giveaway coming soon).  It’s a book I love and it’s all about making your own spa experience but in party form.  It’s been a hard sell and I’m seriously considering self-publishing the book and see how it goes.

I did get some nice responses to my book but the concept of having a party, food and spa experience was not one that the publishers were getting.  I had one nice publisher ask me to remove the food part and they’d be more open to publishing.  That tells me that it’s the concept – not my book that’s difficult to understand.

I’m not sure I can truly explain the experience but I encourage you to try it.  Invite friends and family over for a special tea.  Plan your menu as you desire.  Then add a little extra something for entertainment.  All you need is a pan to soak your feet, hot water and something to add to the water (oh and towels).  We get cat boxes or dish pans from the dollar store.  They are inexpensive and you can give them as a gift.  You don’t need fancy towels so if you want to make a whole gift basket, pick up cheap towels.  Then make something for the soaking.  I’m not going to share recipes today but I promise I will soon.  I love milk bath but you can use epsom salts or black tea.  Dress it up with a little essential oil and voila – instant spa product.

When everyone is seated give them their pan and fill them with hot water.  We use the hottest from the tap which often means waiting just a few minutes for the water to cool to a comfortable temperature.  Don’t forget to make a pan for you.  Then sit and soak your bare feet.  The best part of this is that everyone has to sit at the table.  There’s no getting up or distractions.  It’s a bonding experience like no other.

When the water is too cold to be comfortable, then have everyone dry their feet.  You can provide some lotion or cream before they put on their socks – might want to ask them to bring clean socks.  Dump the pans and rinse – easy peasy and everyone feels so relaxed.  If you do it outside, everyone can just pour their water in the grass (might want to make sure you use a soak that is environmentally friendly).  Don’t let anyone feel rushed through the process – it’s all about relaxation.

The big thing is not to let someone give you a “I don’t do this because I’m a man” or a child.  Only let them out of it if they have a legitimate medical excuse.  It’s not a girly thing – it’s a human body care sort of thing.