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March in Review

March has been a crazy month.  It seems like what envisioned for the month did not come true.  It’s not a bad result, just different.  We’re wrapping up the kickstarter campaign and it looks like we won’t make it.  I’m sad, just a little, because it means that all that hard work wasn’t successful but it did do a lot for us.  We met some amazing people and found support in ways we hadn’t imagined.  I think if we had a little more time we could actually be successful because we have learned so much.  It amazes me how many skills one needs when starting a business.  I had forgotten how steep the learning curve is.

So what have I learned that I didn’t expect – how to make a digital video.  I have actually worked in video in the past and was quite good at it.  However, it’s nothing like editing and working with digital.  My first video is a work in progress since it just wasn’t as polished as I would have liked but I did it.

I realized that it is far harder to promote a campaign than I thought.  It’s weird because I thought things just naturally became viral on the internet but it’s more than that.  Things are work.  Makes you wonder how these things actually happen.  I can see why social media marketing needs professionals because not everyone can do it.  I was impressed by how easy some things were but not everything.

I’m practically drowning in creativity which is awesome.  I love that I’m not only inspired but I have so much support to create.  I’m seeing everything differently.  The other day I was admiring a sweater because I thought the buttons would be great on an art project.  I’ve been trying to deconstruct items at home so I don’t have time to actually do the work but I’m looking forward to having a slight break to catch up and create.

Meanwhile, I’m still working in paper which is so much fun.  This week, I made 8 cards that were so much fun and April’s ATCs.  I already want to make more ATCs.  I’m thinking that it might be fun to play with some ideas.  And I have an idea for a new painting (in melted crayon, how fun is that).

So things in March that I liked:

Music – I haven’t discovered anyone new but I have been finding more music by bands I discovered over the past few months.  I love Taylor Swift – don’t know where that came from, Of Monsters and Men, Fun., and Mumford and Son.  I have also been listening to Hinder which is cool.

Movies – We watched a Good Witch marathon – I love those movies.  Yesterday I watched two documentaries – Cropsey and H.H. Holmes.  I recommend watching them in that order.  They are both about serial killers.  Cropsey says it’s about urban legends but I thought the commentary on disabilites was interesting.  HH Holmes was America’s first serial killer and someone I had never heard of.  It’s weird because he was so terrible that you’d think he’d be mentioned with many of the others that come up.

I’ve been reliving some of my favorite movies – Strictly Ballroom, The Castle, Snapper, Muriel’s Wedding.  I think I’ll be doing more flashbacks in April.  Oh – we did see Le Mis which was not as bad as I thought it would be.  We actually enjoyed it.

Books – not a lot of reading done in March but what I read was so great.  I devoured Walking Disaster, the sequel to Beautiful Disaster.  I didn’t love it as much as the first book which is definitely in my top ten favs and one I really should buy.  I may pick them both up and read them back to back and see if I feel differently.

The other book that I have been talking about around here is Sin Eater’s Confession.  I picked it up because it sounded like a thriller or horror.  While it still had some of those elements and many complaints about how gross it was (I didn’t even notice) – it was an amazing book about being a teenaged male.  The themes were so deep – homosexuality, self-identification, responsibility, helping others.  It goes on.  The main character never comes to a conclusion about their sexuality which makes the book perfect for so many.  It talks about homosexuality without being in your face, it’s all fairly subtle.  I will say that the death that happens is thought to be because the community thought the boy was gay but there is never anything that confirms or denies it.

March has been a great month and I just can’t wait to see what April has in store for us.