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If you are not familiar with the show Being Human – it follows the story of a werewolf and a vampire who want to forget they’re monsters and pretend they are just regular people living a normal life.   Their lives are filled with anguish and complications as they work hard to balance both sides of their lives.

This show reminds me of what it’s like to be neuro atypical in a very neuro-typical world.  Living with being different in a world that seems to embrace conformity is painful.  It’s filled with moments of wondering what is wrong with me or what did I do to deserve this.

It’s also filled with beautiful wonderful moments.  Times when you discover that almost everyone misses that normal mark – no matter how much they pretend.  We’re all battling our own demons and fighting our own battles.  We all have moments when we wonder why nature would put us through this.

The reality is that normal is just a concept, like average, it’s just a compilation of a series of behaviors that are considered socially acceptable.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about all the reasons why God would make me different.  I think of the beauty that has been created by those who were not socially perfect.  I think of the insanity and the pain of being different and realize that if we were all the same then there would be less in the world to enjoy.

Nature has created the world perfect because it’s a series of balances.  For every “normal” person there has to be someone who doesn’t fit the mold to challenge and push the boundaries.  There needs to be people who see more than clouds so they can that there’s a reason for everyone else to pay attention to the sky.

My father said that my Mother’s Curse posts weren’t mentioning my son (my mother’s curse) so here goes – I needed him in my life.  My son not only changed my perspective about life as a parent but he changed my view of my own childhood.  I started to realize that the struggles I endured were not because I was less than the others – I was just different.  I am grateful that I had supportive parents who allowed me to be myself so that I can do the same for him.  Yes, we still want to be like the Joneses but only if they are as cool as we are.