WOW Giveaway

This has been a week of learning and you may have to be patient with me while I work out any kinks.

We were able to take some footage of the store space and edit it into a watchable movie.  It’s just a couple minutes long and is nicely at home on our kickstarter campaign page.  I know that times are tough but we’re begging for pledges.  You don’t have to offer up too much – we’re asking people to pledge $10 (or any amount).  If 20 people pledge $10, though, we meet our goal.  With that money, we’re turning the front part of the store into a gallery.  That space will allow us to showcase artists for no charge.  Without the kickstarter money, we’ll have to charge for the opportunity.  Our goal is to give artists and crafters a low cost or free opportunity to get their work out.

Stop by our kickstarter campaign and check it out –

If nothing else, click on the tree and watch our video.  Leave some feedback here.

Now the giveaway.  Remember last week when I reviewed Scott Johnson’s Word of Wisdom book on healthy living?  Scott has so graciously offered to give one of his books away to my readers.  It’s a great book – it feeds the soul as much as the body.  I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the book.  It’s our first rafflecopter giveaway so it too is a learning experience.  I just hope I have done it right.

a Rafflecopter giveaway