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WoW Blog Tour

I normally avoid talking religion with people who don’t necessarily know my religious beliefs.  They are too complicated to explain but I will say I attend the LDS church in our community and we are fairly active.  I have a firm belief in God and I strongly believe that God/Nature created this world with a definite balance.  I, also, believe we have lost that balance.

It was such a blessing to come across the invitation to be part of this blog tour.  Scott A Johnson’s book just spoke to me and for more reasons than that we are members of the same religion.

I grew up knowing that the Word of Wisdom said that we were not to smoke tobacco, drink alcohol or drink caffiene.  There’s some debate on the caffiene front in the church because the WoW says no hot drinks.  We knew that coffee was a big no-no but many slid on the topic of soda.

We all understand that tobacco is bad for us and there’s some small debate about alcohol – in our house there’s a fair amount of ‘Jesus drank wine’.  I will admit that I like the occasional alcholic beverage but I always practice moderation  – I have no choice I have the tolerance of a gnat, I can barely finish 1 drink.

But the hot drinks is a hot debate.  We talk about in our house what that means – coffee, tea, cocoa, etc.  I do drink a variety of hot drinks.  My day doesn’t begin without a cup of tea or hot water with lemon but I often drink herbal tea.  To be honest, it leaves me confused.

So back to the book, the first three chapters (after the introductions and what not) focus on these three topics.  It was fascinating to follow the debate from a number of sides.  Not only does Dr. Johnson talk religion but he also talks science.  I’m not sure I am in love with these chapters but they were interesting.

It’s what came next that totally drew me in.  I have often said that I believe that foods that were designed to be eaten whole should be eaten whole.  You can’t eat a banana peel but what about an apple peel.  It makes me crazy when people go on about eating nothing but egg whites and skim milk.  According to Scott A Johnson, God gave Adam and Eve wholesome herbs to feed themselves and their families.  It stands to reason that if it’s truly edible then we should be eating it.

I can’t put into words how much I loved this book.  I’m struggling as I type.  I felt vidicated as I read the book.  I just said before I got my copy that I believe we should be eating whole foods.  I believe that what we should be eating is the food nature gave us – not these sugar laden, chemically created space food.  I think we’ve gotten away from what’s important and I think it’s making us sick.

I don’t care what side of the debate you are on but no one can argue that our current society is sick.  Our diet is terrible.  We have completely lost sight of what food looks like and what it’s supposed to taste like.

Last night my son wanted a soda and I said that he’d had enough chemical drinks.  He says “mom, that lifewater didn’t have any petroleum based coloring, I checked.”  It’s a proud moment.  There is so much more in that battle but he was atleast aware of the artificial coloring.  I believe that the answer to whatever salvation you are seeking is in this book.  I believe that the Word of Wisdom may have a whole lot more truth than I had given it credit for.  I suppose it’s time to put my money where my mouth is and actually read the Word of Wisdom.

For non-LDS readers, don’t disregard this book because it’s of a religion that is not yours.  It has a lot of merit and a lot of science.  It would be the book I recommend because I just haven’t found a book that talks about why it’s important to return to eating the way we were meant to eat.  I hope you give it a chance.  And thank you Scott A Johnson for letting me read and review your book.