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alone-treeIt came down to the wire – I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to share my big new in the way I had hoped but everything is falling into place.  I am so excited to share with you the secret project we’ve been working on over the past month.

For those who have read my about page or have followed me from the beginning, you have heard me say that when I named this blog I chose the name so it could become the name of our farm.  Well, we weren’t able to get a farm but we got the next best thing – a store.  We are opening the coolest store ever.  We have big plans for World’s End but we’re starting small.

Our store is a bit like this blog – artsy, thrifty, completely outside the realm of normal.  I suppose I should get around to actually telling you what type of store – it’s an art store but more than that we are hoping to be an art community.  We’re not about to be any ole art store.  We’re partnering all over the place with local businesses and organizations.  They are agreeing to give or sell at a low cost – their trash.  Okay, it’s not exactly trash but inventory they would throw out.  We’re going to take it and turn it into art supplies.

On top of that, we want to teach people how to make art out of trash, to see beyond what the object is.  It’s a popular trend in arts and crafts right now because we’re getting into being more thrifty and more environmental.  We’ll have classes and resources to make whatever tickles our fancy.  We, also, want to offer studio space at a low hourly cost.  Not only will you get the creative space but access to some supplies to work on a project.

If we find something cool just as it, we’ll probably have some of that too.  So if you’re not in a artsy/crafty mood, there’s still stuff to look at.

To make it even more community oriented, we’re opening a gallery in the front part of the store.  The building we are moving into used to be a dry cleaner’s so it’s got a weird shape to it – making it even more fun.  The front part is triangular shaped.  A partial wall separates that space from the larger space which is a fat chunky L shaped space (think a square that’s missing a corner).  We’ve been trying to connect with the owner so we can go in and take pictures but it hasn’t happened yet so we’ll share them on our new facebook page and the kickstarter page.

That’s the last thing I want to share – we have a kickstarter campaign.  We are so ready to go, even though the store isn’t opening for another month, that we had to do something.  We’ve started this campaign to start creating our community.  For a donation of your choice, you get to help us create the gallery.  I started to talk about the gallery and got completely distracted.  The gallery is at the front of the store and we will feature local artists and crafters.  Some may come just to share their work or others may consign their pieces with us.  We promise not to charge much because the goal is to help those who want to sell their wares build a following.  The money from the campaign will let us turn this space into something wonderful – it needs just a touch more than just paint.  We need ways to hang art on our concrete walls, display other pieces, lighting and flooring.  Any leftover funds will go to painting fun stuff on the walls.

I know what you want to know – what do you get for donating funds?  Aside from a permanent “membership” into the coolest community in Pullman.  We have four levels of donations for those who live in the area and one level for those away.

For $1 donation (or more) you get a gift at our grand opening in April.  I have no real idea what the gifts will be but I’m thinking Sara’s Soaks Bee Cream and beaded vials will be amongst them.  I will personally make each gift (unless I can beg for other crafters to donate items).

For $25 or more, you get a gift certificate for a free class of your choice sometime in the next year.  We promise to offer awesome classes.  We’re sure we’ll be doing some holiday crafts but the rest will depend on what sort of fun stuff comes into the store.

For $50 or more, you get a project made (sort of to order) by me or another volunteer crafter/artist.

And for $100 or more, you get a year membership in our once in a lifetime Kickstarter Club.  Membership gives you 10% off of your World’s End purchases (not consignment items unless the crafter/artist says it’s okay) for an entire year and an invitation to a private opening before every new show.  You will also receive a special newsletter with potential additional benefits.

For those out of the area, your donation will guarantee you immortalization.  We will ask you to pick an image or symbol that represents you and we will paint it on our wall.  We’re abstract artists so there’s no real life representation but we will add your name so that people know that is you.

To make a donation, check out our Kickstarter page.

Check out our new facebook page here.