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I cannot believe February is over.  We’re 1/6 of the way through the whole year and I already feel like I need more time.  So what has happened this past month – well we started a great new project (official announcement is tomorrow so you’ll have to wait to find out what it is).  I’m writing like a mad man lately and have so many great ideas for this blog that I almost feel tempted to post more each day but I’ll refrain and save them for later.  Our quest to go unprocessed started this month.  It hasn’t been as successful as I imagined but it’s all about making the steps so we’re getting there.  We’ve done some kitchen experiments to welcome in our new diet and so far we are in love with all the recipes.

I hosted my first home party for a product/company.  I’m not sure how successful it was but I got some friends together to try some great food.  It was interesting to see their reactions to our raw treats (and homemade gluten free crackers).  One friend said her diet is fairly processed so it was a bit of a shock but she liked more than she disliked so that’s a plus.  I made marshmallows for the event and overstirred them.  I didn’t know that was possible.  I wanted them for filling for chocolates so no problem but we now have a tray of really fluffy marshmallows so I’m thinking they should be dipped in chocolate (maybe some allergy friendly chocolate chips instead of homemade chocolate).  It’s nice to discover a new treat out an old recipe.  I may overmix again in the future.

We didn’t watch many movies this month but we did catch the final Twilight movie.  I told my husband when it was over that I can’t wait for them to remake these movies in 10 years.  I just didn’t like Bella and Edward.  The more I watched them, the less I liked them.  In fact we’ve grown to rather dislike Kristen Stewart in our house.  I think she’s a fine actress but she lacks personality.  I’m actually hoping the Jack Kerouac movie will redeem her because the ads make her seem more human.

As for music, this has been a big month for discovery and enjoyment.  I’ve actually made the family forego tv in place of music because I am in such a mood.  I discovered Fun. before this past month but I didn’t know much of their music.  Now I feel rather vested in them.  I am absolutely in love.  I’ve also discovered – Imagine Dragons, Of Monsters and Men and Mumford and Sons.  I love the names of some of these bands and think I would have eventually discovered them just by their names.  Fortunately, they are often played on my Fun. Pandora station.  I’ve been paying more attention to the songs that catch my attention and making lists so I can find more of their music and get some cds.

This has also been a big art month.  I’ve discovered a love of creating pictures with paper.  I’ll be sharing some of the designs as I know people have gotten their offerings.  I’m grateful for the Muse program this month.  I was feeling a little stagnant and now I’m creating several pieces a day.  I’m turning them into cards for birthdays so they are not extravagant but it did prompt me to go buy a set of kimono print origami paper.  Who knew you could do so much more with that paper besides fold it.

Well it’s about lunch time and I’m behind.  I’ll leave you with this review and will come back later to share my ATC from this month.