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Feng Shui

I am so sorry for dropping this series.  It’s not because I forgot.  Apparently, the Feng Shui-ing is paying off because we have some big things in the works and interrupted our progress.  I do plan on going back to finish our home but until then I thought I should give you the information you need to finish your own home.

In my house, the Career corner is my kitchen and my entrance.  I’m not really sure what I am going to do with this space to make it more Career friendly.

The Career Corner is the middle front corner from the front door.  It’s element is water, which makes having my kitchen in that space good.  The color for water is black and the shape is more of a lack of shape – free form or undulating represents water.  The creative element is Metal – white and round while the destructive element is Earth – yellow and flat/square.

Good items for your Career Corner are – mirrors, glass, and symbols of what you want your career to be.  Since I expect to have food and cooking as part of my career, I don’t have to add much to influence it.

Not so good items are anything Earthy like dirt as well as items that are not representing of your career.

My Skills and Knowledge corner is my work space.  It’s this cluttered room filled with craft/art supplies and projects as well as storage.  This room will undergo the most change in the next few months and is really what is holding up my Feng Shui project.

The Skills and Knowledge corner is the left front corner of the house.  It’s a duo element space as the space cycles from Water to Wood.  The color for wood is green with any rectangular shape that offers height.  With multiple elements, it’s always a good idea to have all elements represented and balanced.  You can always lean a little more towards the wood and water but have the remaining three equally represented.

Good items for your Skills and Knowledge Corner – blue, books, light, food, items or images of wisdom, items that represent skills or knowledge you desire to have in your life (or want to keep), meditation items, alters of thanksgiving.

Items to avoid – clutter (oops), things that stop thinking and unwise symbols.

The Family Corner is the left middle corner.  In our house, it’s my son’s room which is rather difficult to Feng Shui since he thinks he gets to decorate the way he wants.

The Family Corner element is Wood.  The creative element is Water while the destructive element is Metal – represented by the color white and round shapes.

Items good for the Family Corner – plants, pictures of family.

Items not so good – plants in poor health.

The final corner, the one in the center of the house is Health.  For us, it’s my son’s bathroom and a series of hallways.

Health’s element is Earth – yellow and square or flat.  The creative element is Fire – red and pointed, while the destructive element is wood.

Health is a strange corner because it’s kind of a catch-all.  It can be representative of what you imagine health to look like but health is so vast.  Not only are we talking physical health but spiritual and social as well.  Almost anything goes in this area except for items that are represented by wood and spiral staircases (spiral staircases are really hard on chi even though they look pretty).

I know that’s a quick overview and no real world information but it should help long enough for me to finish up some of our life projects that are preventing me from completing our home Feng Shui projects.  When I am done at home, I’ll be targeting my office to bring better Chi to my work place.