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My Favorite SNL Skit

I wish I could share with you a video of my favorite skit but I have yet to find it.  I did find the picture and this script but no video.  If anyone knows of where I can see the video, I’d love to have it.

Now I can’t fully explain why this particular skit brings me so much joy but I can explain how the memory had kept me positive when I had no other reason to feel positive.

January 21, 2006 Peter Sarsgaard hosted Saturday Night Live.  The show was okay (for me) until he appeared in a Target Lady sketch.  I laughed so hard.  I suppose it was because my husband and I both had retail experiences where it seemed that someone could be helpful but they were on a break.  But I also think it was Peter Sarsgaard face – he was so blissful as he drank his cup of coffee.

I don’t think this would have been my favorite sketch had it not entered my mind later.  I worked for a small local company in the main office.  The office manager was not a highly skilled woman and she made up for her lack by being mean.  She yelled and she made me feel stupid but I needed this job.  My family was depending on me and I needed something to feel good about.

I was good at my job and I was learning so much but the environment was toxic.  My only escape was a cup of tea now and again.  (I was up to a two cup a day habit).  Tea makes me think of tea parties – scones, girls in fancy dress, croquet in the garden.  Tea is my escape and then, one day, I was blissfully drinking in the aroma of a fresh cup of tea and Peter Sarsgaard came to mind.  I nearly dropped my tea in silent laughter.

Suddenly, I could make it through each day because I could truly escape with him.  I could have the best break ever whenever I wanted because he was there in my brain.  A smile would creep onto my face every time I carried that cup of tea from the microwave (don’t judge you have to get what you can when you can).  I could find joy in all the little things.

I put up a desktop picture that would make me smile each morning as I started my computer.  That was better than dreading the work that was coming.  I started looking for more ways to make my day lighter.

In the end, I found a new job, the one I have now.  It makes me happy and gives me the freedom to be me.  I still find delight in a cup of tea (now from an electric kettle instead of a microwave).  My desk area is filled with art that I made, sayings that remind me to be true to me and little bits of joy everywhere I turn.