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It’s been a crazy week here.  I’m in the middle of so many projects that I have completely fallen behind on the blog.  I totally forgot Writing Wednesday.  Fortunately, I’m not in the middle of a serial or there would be rioting.

I will have things to share with you soon – I’ve been working on two prompt projects (one for art and one for journaling) and February’s ATCs.  I’m excited to see how it all pans out.  I started 64 days and am already behind but that’s okay.  I’m behind for good reasons.  I’m even working on a secret project that I am so excited about.  I’ll share more when I can.

Okay, so I have decided that it’s far too hard to figure out what I did over the course of a whole year so at the end of each month I’m going to summarize my favorites and the things that have happened.  When the end of the year comes, I’ll have something to reference back to.

A review of my goals:

I had a number of goals I shared with you at the beginning of the month.  I feel like I’m on track but not quite there.  I am going to do 12 months of one word so I chose Love because over the past month I realized that if I don’t treat my life with love then I won’t have any growth.  I need to have more love.  Now for each month, I’ll be choosing a word to go with my “One Word”.  If you haven’t figured out, January was realization.  February is going to be food or health or body, I haven’t quite decided (suppose I better figure it out quick).

Accomplishments in January – I am finishing my 11th book (reading) for the month.  I didn’t write a story but I got one sketched and characters figured.  I did the last two levels of cat college which finished out those lessons and gave me my first finished class of the year.  Next month is a canning class.  If you are interested in cat college it’s free at catchannel.com.

Aside from that, I did some planning and I worked on art.  It was such a creative month for me.  I’m hoping it’s the start of something wonderful and not a “phase”.  I’ve missed being creative and I fell so inspired lately.

Favorites of January:

Books – I’ve been reading the Fables graphic novel series and just love it.  As for book-books, I read Tragedy Paper, Shadowlands and Darkest Minds.  They were all amazing stories.  I devoured them faster than I really wanted to.  Shadowlands and Darkest Minds are the first in new series’ which kind of sucks because it will be a long time for book #2.  Of those, I will say that Darkest Minds worries me – the first book was almost 500 pages.  That’s a lot for a book but I can’t imagine an entire series made up of books that size.

Movies – I’m trying to think of any movies we watched this month that stuck out.  We did watch a few on netflix but I can’t say I’d recommend most of what we sat through.  That’s not true, we did see Devil’s Carnival.  If you liked Repo the Genetic Opera then this is a movie for you.  It’s a lot of music and a bit bizarre but entertaining.  It reminded me of the rock operas of the 70s.

The we watched Nightmares in Red White and Blue.  This is a documentary on horror movies but it correlates what was happening in politic at the time and how it influenced the movies.  Definitely a movie I would recommend.

Music – I’ve discovered 50 ways to say you died by Train (tomorrows song of the week).  It cracks me up.

This past month I shared A Team which is a song that is just so hauntingly beautiful.

Other songs – The Scientist by Coldplay, Ho Hey by the Lumineers and Try by Pink.

Cooking –

I made Kim Chee for the first time and it is amazing.  There hasn’t been much more experiments going on in my kitchen since I’ve been putting so much time into making art.

Art –

I finished two paintings this month and just love them.  One I submitted (today) for an art exhibition.  I’m nervous because I’ve never done anything like that.  The exhibition is quite open and they will most likely accept my art so it’s not a competition but I’m so out on display.  It’s a good thing to do things that scare you every now and again.