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64 Days

Yesterday was crazy.  I was so busy and never did feel caught up.  I completely neglected the blog.  This morning I realized that I missed sharing this with you.  I wanted to share yesterday so you would have an opportunity to join the “event” before it started (which was today).

It’s not too late – for you or for me.

64 days is a program, a challenge, a quest and a learning experience designed to get people to think about how their actions and words affect the world around them.  I first discovered 64 days five years ago.  I thought it was the coolest thing ever but it took until last year for me to actual commit to the whole 64 days and even then I had some difficulty not falling behind.  I share that with you not to frighten you but to show that even a little effort is better than no effort.

If you sign up for 64 days, you will receive an email each morning with the theme for the day, a quote and a little experiment/journalling assignment.  They are small assignments like smile at three strangers and then journal how it made you feel or their reactions.

64 days started as a way to honor those great men who came before who “fought” injustice with peace, who used words and positive actions to make change.  I believe that during these 64 days I grow as a human being.  I become a better person.

Today’s email was this:

COURAGE – Day 1 – January 30

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.  Lao Tzu We respect a parent who courageously protects their child from harm and call heroes those who face danger in order to save a stranger; yet that courage is within everyone who loves deeply. When we love deeply the well-being of the beloved becomes vital. But this love need not be limited to our immediate family & friends for we have infinite capacity for loving.
When we truly realize that all life is one and all of us are connected, we can begin to practice loving all life deeply. Loving deeply encompasses acceptance and forgiveness, but also the willingness to speak the hard truths, to set boundaries and create bridges.
Practice being more loving today. Demonstrate your deep love through your actions as well as your restraint. Be mindful of where you find your love to be lacking, whether at home, work or on the road. Journal about the experience. Will you commit to loving with courage?

Come join me and others around the world at 64 days.  Sign up for the 64 days (note: outside of the 64 days there are very few emails).