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These are the before pictures but I don’t really have after pictures since we didn’t make any dramatic changes.  We worked to organize the space a bit more but it’s not a space that stays organized since it houses the pantry and is the space we do things like ferment sauerkraut and kombucha.  (Note the paper bag next to the microwave – that’s a batch of kombucha hiding from the sunlight.)

The Travel/Helpful Hands Corner is the near right corner of the home from the front door.  The elements for this corner is metal and water.  For colors – white, grey, black are best.  It’s a nice and easy corner for those living in an apartment because it doesn’t require a lot of color accents.  I didn’t take great pictures that encompass the entire walls so you miss some of the decorations we have in this room.

What you want is to fill the room with items that represent travel so all our touristy sort of things are in this room – a mardi gras mask from New Orleans, shot glasses from around the US, artwork my son did during his art teachers international phase.

In addition to travel items, it’s a great place to encourage helpfulness.  Our microwave is the base for my small angel collection.  Pictures of hands are perfect here as well.  This would also be where you put the things that need a little extra help – such as a picture of a car when we were car shopping.  Place a bill in the space when you need help paying it.

I have read that having a grey or silver envelope in this section is perfect for housing all those papers that need a little extra help.  It’s something I plan on adding to my office when I start my Feng Shui project there (so there will be more on that later).

It’s easy to overlook this corner, I struggle with it.  Travel and Helpful Hands doesn’t seem like much when you have an everyday sort of life.  However, being across from Prosperity means that this corner helps energize and accent Prosperity.

Clutter is the biggest enemy when it comes to Feng Shui and you can see that I struggle with it as well.  For us, this space becomes the overflow for the kitchen so food and items that don’t fit become dumped in this space.

We did have the good fortune to find that wonderful shelving unit for our canned goods but we still struggle with a place for all the fermenting projects that come and go.