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As I continue this project, I find it gets harder and harder to document.  How interesting is it to see a room with a few minor changes?  Where’s the big flashy magic?  Well, it doesn’t have to be and maybe that’s the real magic.

The Children/Creativity Corner in my apartment is our living room.  It’s not the easiest space to work with since it is a small space.  This is what it looked like before we started:

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Christmas 2011 we hung the garland and then decided it would be fun to leave it to decorate for other holidays.  Guess what?  That didn’t happen.  The poor garland just collected dust and cobwebs.  It was so bad that I barely noticed the garland when it came time to decorate for Christmas.

We use the space well for Feng Shui.  We do a lot of art and crafting in the living room and it’s where the family spends time.

Metal is the element for this corner which is represented with the color white.  Our living room has a fair amount of white.  Earth is another element here which is represented by yellow and earth tones.  We could claim our awful couch as earth tone but it was absolutely not functional and broken.  Shapes – round for metal and flat or square for earth.

As for symbols – anything that represents creativity and children is perfect.  The television, toys, games, candy, music, art, crafting/hobbies, lights and bells are all items that work best here.

So what did we do?  First we got a new couch.  We were given a couch and it’s red and green.  I thought about it but realized that with all the black (water) of the appliances that having red (fire) and green (wood) created a more creative than destructive cycle.  I believe we actually have all the elements represented in this room.  The furniture is so inviting and we actually spend more time as a family with the new couch.

Then we found all our artwork that we used to have up in our old house and just covered the walls.  I love the art and it makes me happy.  On top of that, most of the art is fantasy based which feeds more creativity.  I moved my husband’s tiggers into the room which made him so excited he has to show them off to everyone who comes over.

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They are not the greatest pictures but you can see all the minor changes.  What you can’t see is that we organized the white cabinets better.  The one under the tv has craft supplies and once we were done, we ended up with an empty space which now houses our books for our language lessons.  It’s also a great place to stash those little project bits.  The other white cabinet houses our office/school supplies.

One thing I want to share with you that you can’t see the details to (there is no such thing as daylight right now).  Next to the computer space with all the tiggers sitting on top is a wicker trunk.  We tried to use this as a coffee table but I have men who think coffee tables are for feet.  It was too fragile for the kind of abuse it was getting.  No matter what I did I couldn’t keep it protected, until I thought to tip it on it’s side and use it like a cabinet.  It houses blankets and the top is covered with plushy tiggers to prevent heavy things from being set on it.   It takes up less space and is still functional.