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I know Christmas is over but, let’s be honest, this wreath can be made for any time of the year or for any purpose.  I apologize that I didn’t include step by step pictures but I made it up as I went along so there was no clear path for the final product.

I wanted to make a wreath based on designs I saw at Walmart.  They were gauzy and looked as if they were made of fluff.  I wanted to recreate that sort of wreath in black and red.

Some quick research led me to understand that the wreath I admired had become very popular with the DIY crowd but the ribbon was a very specific type of ribbon and not the type I bought.  I don’t know the difference but it was not as easy to work with but live and learn.  I had bought what I think of as the basic crafting ribbon – it’s got thin wires on the side that make it moldable for crafts.

The one tip I did take from the wreath instructions I found was to use matching chenille stems to hold the ribbon onto the wreath frame.

So let’s start with what supplies I used.  I went to Michaels and looked at the wreath forms they had.  There are two basic types – foam and metal.  The foam are thick and solid while the metal forms were more like a series of thick wires that were connected.  I opted for the wire only because it was less expensive than the foam and I liked the way it looked.

I purchased two rolls of ribbon – one black and one red.  I started with attaching a three inch piece of black chenille stem to the wreath form every so often.  I think I had a total of six pieces.  I loosely wrapped the ribbon around the wreath and attached with the stems.  I did this with the black ribbon.

I did the same thing with the red but let the black ribbon hold it instead of attaching it with chenille stems.  I liked the look.  But I had no idea how I was going to finish it off.

I saw an ornament idea that was handcrafted little books.  I liked the idea so I printed off the Nightmare Before Christmas valentines from the disney craft site.  I trimmed the pictures so they no longer looked like valentines.  I copied quotes from the movie, carefully making them about the size of my pictures.  Then I made little book covers by folding a rectangular piece of cardstock in red or black.  The picture became the cover and the quote was the “story”.  I tied the little books onto my wreath.

DIY Wreath

It’s not going to win any awards but it brought us joy.  My son said I didn’t match the quotes to the characters in the pictures but we were still welcome to hang it in his room when Christmas was over.  The best part about this is that I can remove all the parts and make a new wreath to match each Christmas.