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If childhood came with theme songs, then this would have been mine. I was a perpetual dreamer and this song sang all the way into my very soul. It was my absolute favorite song growing up and still today it causes those stirrings. You should know those – that little whisper deep down that says to follow your dreams, play a little longer, create a little more. The voice that says messy is good and sticky is better. It’s the voice that makes you want to dance and pretend you are the prima ballerina. It’s the voice that promises a life as an artist will be successful and an adventure you won’t regret. It’s the voice that says – yes you need those colored pencils to be happy and maybe just a little more paint. It’s the one that convinces you that auditioning for American Idol is not foolish (nor embarrassing). It’s the voice that I am learning to listen to again.