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13 in 13

2013 – a new year.  52 new weeks, 12 new months, over 350 new days.  New is a wonderful word.  I haven’t found enough words to describe the appeal of the word new.  I’m not one who necessarily treasures “new” unless it’s new to me.  I like vintage.  I like giving a new life to old things.  I prefer repair to replace but you can’t repair a year – they are always new and that’s an amazing thing.

You can’t fix a year, it just becomes over and you get a new one.  A clean slate, a second or fiftieth change.  We don’t appreciate that enough.  To be honest, I didn’t even think about it until I sat down to write this post.  I never stopped to think what a blessing each new year is.

We spend far too much time thinking about the future and the past that we don’t relish the present.  We end December thinking about what we didn’t accomplish, what we didn’t get and then we give all that to January.  We carry over all that negative energy from the last year that our new year is ruined before it can truly shine.  We pile on resolutions and changes because we need to make up for all that ruin.

Resolutions come out of guilt.  I stopped doing them years ago.  I started thinking about what “resolutions” I could do that would bring me joy.  One year, I just decided that I would only do things that would make me happy.  That’s not to say I was still choosing wisely.  I still wanted to lose weight, I wanted to be different instead of learning to embrace the wonderful me.  However, I made one goal that hasn’t changed because it’s more a challenge than a goal.  Each year, I challenge myself to read 100 books and keep a list.  It’s not perfect but most years I have gotten into the 90’s and felt accomplished.

This year, I looked at my goals differently.  I’m giving up the losing weight goals.  Not because I don’t care about my health but because I have realized that being healthy is not a number on a scale.  I may be fat and my doctor may be unhappy but I’m not going to be.  I’m going to relish the body God gave me and treat it like the gift it is.  I’m going to move and only fill it with the best foods.  Everything else is just organic dairy and whole grain gravy.

Now onto the challenge part of this post (since that’s my title) – My friend Shauntelle over at Being is a Verb is trying to start a challenge/movement.  13 things to accomplish in the year 2013.  For me, that’s my goals which just happen to be 13.  In our family we did individual goals and family goals so I stretched the family goals to 13 (so they may seem a little odd because there was really only 11 goals).

My personal 13

1. Write 12 stories

2. Take 12 online classes

3. Read 10 books a month

4. Make 10 etsy sales

5. Sell at more craft fairs

6. Sell once a month at the farmer’s market

7. Add more inventory (but consistently) to etsy/craft fairs

8. Have the family eating all Unprocessed by end of year

9. Work on eliminating GMOs from our diet

10. Take part in more blogging events, as possible

11. Create plan for SS book

12. Write 3 booklets for self-publish, with marketing plan for each

13. Would like to see more story ideas become complete stories.  Work on reducing paper notes and get the “bones” into a word file.

What I have done with those goals is break them up into monthly goals so I can keep on track.  I, also, have a list of healthy habits I would like to work on when I can – things like flossing and wearing my mouth guard at night.  I have no plans to overwhelm myself with so many goals and changes that I don’t accomplish anything (right now I am working on nightly moisturizing my face and moisturizing my feet after I shower).  My friend Jacqui has created a habit binder and is sharing the how to on her blog.  I’m thinking that something like that would be perfect for all these little habits I want to build.

For my family, our goals are:

1. Become unprocessed

2. Have a food and water storage

3. Have a solid emergency plan

4. Less Yelling in the house

5. Less Negativity

6. More productive Garden

7. Reduce clutter

8. Better organization

9. Juice fasting on a regular basis

10. Improve communication skills

11. Improve listening skills

12. Learn Japanese

13. Learn Sign Language

We tried to work on these goals as a family but I confess my son didn’t have a lot of interest in helping.  However, he will reap the benefits as much as my husband and I will.

I’d love to hear what your 13 (or however many) goals are for the new year.  What’s the one wish you have for 2013?

For me, if I accomplish nothing else, I want us to be eating all natural food for every meal.  It will truly be a blessing to know that all the hard work we put into creating our meals means we are doing great things for our bodies and our planet.