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2012 favorites

I hate to say it but 2012 was a little disappointing on the entertainment front for me.  My life is a little different now that we don’t have cable but we watch hulu and try to keep up with what’s current in entertainment.

I mentioned in my last post that reading became a real chore for me.  I love books and I thought being selected as a reviewer was a dream come true.  Unfortunately, there were a lot of poorly constructed books being tossed my way.  I learned why many reviewers won’t take self-published books.  It’s sad because there are good books out there but it seemed to me that many people were pushing bad books.  I didn’t even peek at 50 Shades of Grey because many of my friends said it was not well written.  It just became a sad fad.  I’m tired of cheap entertainment.  I want well constructed entertainment.  I refuse to watch reality shows (there are some science based ones that are the exception because they didn’t used to be called reality shows) and I absolutely hate camera as a character sorts of movies.

So here are some of what I loved in 2012.


Tin Tin – we saw this during a children’s movie program they run at a local theater (cheap kids movies to make the winter not so bad).  My son was away for the weekend so my husband and I went with my Dad to see it.  We loved it.  It took forever for it to come out on DVD.  We bought it and loved it even more.

Dark Shadows – this was one of the few movies we saw in the theatre that we couldn’t wait to go opening weekend.  We loved it.  My dad was a huge fan of the tv show and was impressed with how great this movie was.  It’s tough to find a movie that the entire group enjoys and this was it.

Hotel Transylvania – it is beginning to feel like the few movies we saw in the theatre this year are all on this list but it’s not true.  This was the last movie of 2012 we went to the theatre to see.

Arthur Christmas – this was also part of the winter series that ran in early 2012.  I loved this movie.  It seemed to just blip on the theater circuit but it was such a fun and touching movie.

Hunger Games – we waited to see this on DVD and it was great.  I can’t wait for the sequel and I just might find time to read the books.

One for the Money – I confess, we just watched this last week but we had so much fun watching it.  It was exciting and funny.

Paranorman – I am in love with little Norman.  It might not have been the best movie ever but he was a great character.  I just wanted to be his friend and live in his little world.  The characters really made this movie.

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Killer – The list felt very naked without a horror movie, especially a vampire movie.  I saw quite a few this year and left disappointed.  This was the one of two horror movies that were new that didn’t make me feel that way.

The Raven – was the other horror movie.  I like the period pieces and the incorporation of historical “characters”.  This movie absolutely delighted my son which was almost as fun to watch.  He sat on the floor with his Edgar Allen Poe anthology (an old book which is nearly losing all it’s pages because he reads it so much) trying to figure out which story each element came from and trying to figure out what was going to happen next.

Mirror, Mirror – this movie made me laugh so hard that we were tempted to start it over and watch it again when it ended.  I recommend it all over the place.  It’s not as well received as it was for me and my son but oh do we love it.

Other movies we watched this year but aren’t necessarily new – Dylan Dog, Cashback (must see), Love and Other Disasters, Good Neighbors

This was also the year I loved documentaries – Food, Inc, Food Beware, Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, Who is Harry Nilsson


Hopeless, Maine – actually the first book is called Personal Demons but I keep talking about this brand new series.  I just loved it.

Enter, Night by Michael Rowe – this vampire story should be a best seller.  It’s a great twist and relief from all those romantic vampire sort of stories.  The vampires in this book are not nice and they are not tragically cursed.  They are true demons and out to suck the life out of everyone.

A Grown Up Kind Of Pretty by Joshilyn Jackson – Joshilyn and I are in the same writer’s group so I always feel a little obligated to read her books.  They don’t disappoint.  I think this was, honestly, my favorite.  It’s the story of three women in a family and the secrets they carry.

Primal by Raven Bower – Raven is another one from the writer’s group and when she asked me to review her book, I jumped at it.  This book is dirty for so many reasons and is best read in the tub.  I don’t read in the tub unfortunately but if I did this would be the book I’d take.  A great werewolf story twisted with the mob and all sorts of creatures.  It’s horribly violent and sexual so don’t pick it up for light reading.  This will chew you up and spit you out.

Demon Underground Series by Parker Blue – I devoured this series and was left wanting.  I have to get me some more.

Beautiful Disaster by Jaime McGuire – this is one of those books that’s slightly disturbing.  It’s a dysfunctional love story.  I really enjoyed it and when I was done I discovered a small controversy with this book.  Many readers were really disturbed by the characters.  The author in a moment of weakness retaliated by saying dysfunctional people need love too.  That stuck with me and has kept this book on my favorite list for that precise reason.  My current WIP is a dysfunctional love story (not because of this book but I feel like it gave me permission).

Kitchen Princess – my son and I devoured this manga series.  He picked it out because it had recipes and thought I would like that.  The story was fun and you couldn’t help but fall in love with the main character.


Some Nights by Fun – I have to admit I love this song.  I can play it over and over again and not get sick of it.  I’ve become a big Fun fan (say that three times).  Their music just touches me and I really enjoy it.

Ho Hey by the Lumineers – I first heard this song on Pandora.  I don’t listen to much in the way of current music so I didn’t really get that this was a new song until I couldn’t stand it anymore – I had to know the song more.  It’s a great song and to find out it’s an up and coming impressed me even more.

Home by Philip Philips – this song has a similar sound to the first two that I am beginning to feel like they should always be listened to together.

Perfect by Alice Cooper – this is one of his newer songs but not new by any stretch of the imagination.  I just love this song because it reminds me of me – I’m perfect when the lights are off.

Six Hours by Alice Cooper – this is from the same album as Perfect.  I can’t explain what it is about this song I love but the sound is amazing.  The guitar is so mournful and the sound just breaks your heart but in all the right ways.

Blow Me One Last Kiss by Pink – Pink rocks, what can I say.

Try by Pink – this is a great song and so is the one before this.  I’m a big Pink fan and this song just inspires me.

I Don’t Love You by My Chemical Romance – my son is a huge MCR fan and he couldn’t wait to share this song with me.  It’s one that catches my attention when he plays it.  It’s just so sad but you can’t stop listening to it.  Takes me back to my Cure days.

A Thousand Years by Christina Perry – this is the only song I bought from Amazon, still can’t download it on to my computer.  I like this song despite it’s Twilight connections.

Some music can’t be singled down from the entire artist to just a song.  I have a few starting with Christian Kane.  I’m not usually a country fan but I have yet to find a bad song by him.  I love everything.  Doesn’t hurt that he’s super sexy.

This is the year I “discovered” two artists I had overlooked.  I have always loved Harry Nilsson but I didn’t realize how little of his music I really knew.  I’ve loved learning more about him and his music.  The man was truly a genius.

The other is Mungo Jerry.  Almost everyone knows Summertime – it’s still a popular song but I didn’t know that Mungo Jerry had more wonderful songs.  They are still making records.  I love Summertime but I found so many songs that I love even more.  I recommend looking them up on Youtube for some samples.

That’s my year in review.  I feel like I am ready to close the door on 2012 and enter into 2013.  I know I’m a few days behind but I always am.  This year I hope to do some monthly reviews just to keep things fresh.