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2012 a year in review

I started this blog well after the new year started last year.  It wasn’t even on the radar for things I envisioned for the year.  So many things changed for me in 2012.  The goals I had in January slowly stopped having meaning – not because I had given up on them but because I had more focus and understanding of what I really wanted.

I thought I was smart.  I belong to a goal setting group and by last January, I had a clearer understanding of how to set my year goals.  I only had three goals that I broke into smaller more concise goals.

Lose 1-2 pounds a week

Get Published/Make extra money

Improve Health/personal life

I’m not going to give you the breakdown of the goals because that would take up so much space and they are not that interesting.  However, my vision for the year started with this idea of self exploration that would lead me to profitable projects.  That’s not a bad goal but not exactly realistic.  I couldn’t do serious self exploration if I already knew what I was going to find.  My goals were based on a notion that I already understood my path.

This year I’m a bit smarter and have planned for those changes.  So what did change – I realized that my financial passion has more to do with teaching and creating than it has to do with writing.  As much as I would love to be a best selling author, I would get so much more joy out of writing for the sake of writing and telling stories.  However, the idea of selling a nonfiction book excites me.  I love the process of writing the proposals and sending them out.  Sending out queries for fiction is just painful for me.  I don’t like the editing process and I’m not really sure I care about anyone’s opinion about my stories.  That makes selling my stories a painful chore.  I realized that I love writing stories and I don’t mind sharing them but I’m not at a point in my life where I am dedicated to selling fiction.  So I’ll share with you instead.

I am absolutely in love with Sara’s Soaks and I wish I was better at marketing.  I don’t know why my shop on Etsy is so unsuccessful.  I could do better at the Farmer’s Market as well but I don’t know how.  I’m learning.  In some ways, that’s the fun part.  I like the creative side to Sara’s Soaks.  I like inventing products and we’re expanding to some crafts.  At this moment they don’t really match the feel of Sara’s Soaks but that’s okay too.  I have a vision of the future and in the end it will all make sense.

What about my health and weight loss.  I lost a few pounds and did some serious work on my health but part way through the year my focus changed.  As much as I want to weigh less – I want to be healthier more.  I want to have a healthy cardiovascular system – no high blood pressure, low cholesterol.  This fall my check-up showed significant improvement.  That’s more important to me than the number on the scale.  What I eat has become important.  I want to be more aware of the food I eat.  That became more important that participating in weight loss groups and all the hoops associated.  Not to say they are bad but many of my goals had my group participation in mind.

I don’t have any regrets – not really.  I had some amazing experiences.  This year, I worked with Shauntelle Hamlett from Being is a Verb.  I learned so much about myself and connected on a deeper level with a woman I already adored.  I started this blog.  My family gave up cable – we still watch far too much tv but life is so much nicer without commercials (thank you Netflix for providing commercial free tv).

I had some great food experiences.  I got to tell you that food has become my best friend and I’ve learned to get down and dirty with it.  I made my own sea salt.  My husband and I waded out into the ocean and brought home several gallons of sea water which took us months to evaporate but the experience is one I can’t wait to do again.

I made my own cream cheese and sour cream.  Both almost easier than going to the store.  I make my own yogurt without any special equipment.  Not every batch has been a winner but every few months I get a fully natural gallon of plain yogurt.  I actually eat plain yogurt with nothing added (except the occasional dash of cinnamon).  I have made two gallons of sauerkraut.  My husband finally took an interest in mushroom hunting and became a morel hound.  That man was finding them all over the place.

I discovered that there is such a thing as a bad book.  There are books I don’t care for but I never thought there was a bad book until I decided to review books for a living (okay hobby but still I had hopes).  The experience is one I would never give up but I have to tell you I realized that reading is better when it’s for fun and because you want to enjoy a story not because you are obsessed with having the most books when you die.  I was accepting books left and right which nearly lead to me hating to read.  I’ve cut back on the books I review and I don’t feel obligated in any way to like the book.  Nor do I force myself to read a book either.  If it’s not working then I pass.  There are too many wonderful books left to read to waste time on a not so good one.

In my next post, I’ll share some of my favorites from 2012.  You’ll find that not everything I loved was new or even exciting but sometimes comfortable is better than new and shiny.