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DIY Tiara

I can’t tell you how I came about this pattern but it has become one of those things that is a strange hit when I make them at craft shows.  They are simple and I sell them for $1 just so I can keep up with the supplies.  I think I give away as many as I sell.

The great thing about these tiaras is that you can create custom color schemes.  At our last craft fair I made one out of Bronco colors for my husband to wear and I made some that were out of an assortment of same color beads (for example, a variety of blue beads – some see through, some metallic, couple of different shades).

They are a little heavy in the front so for non-child heads, you want a way to keep it stable.  I find that taking a layer of hair and pulling it over the back of the tiara secures it just fine, but you can use bobby pins or barrettes.

DIY Tiara To make 1 tiara, you need pony beads and 4 craft pipecleaners.  These are fuzzy but I have used glitter ones and “normal” ones just fine.  I can’t tell you how many pony beads you need exactly but it takes somewhere between 75 – 100 beads.  I like two tone tiaras and use whatever color the pipecleaners are as the accent color.  In this case, red will be the accent color.

DIY TiaraStart by twisting two of the pipecleaners together to make one long strand.

DIY TiaraString on 25 beads (this is the only time I’ll give you an exact count, sorry) – 20 in your main color and 5 in the accent color.  Alternate 1 accent bead, 5 main color etc – starting and ending on your accent color.  Take the time to center your beads on the pipecleaners.

DIY TiaraAt one end of the beads, twist on one pipecleaner – this will become the second layer of your tiara.

DIY Tiara

Add three main color beads, 1 accent bead and three more main color beads before twisting the pipecleaner between the last main color bead of the first section on the base and the second accent bead on the base.  I sometimes twist once and sometimes twice – it just depends on my mood.  Give the seven beads on the second layer a little extra room so they can have a little height when you adjust the beads.  You will repeat this three more times for a total of four “waves”.

DIY Tiara

Secure the end of the pipecleaner to the bottom pipecleaners after the last bead.

DIY Tiara

To start the final layer, thread the end of the pipecleaner through the first three beads of the second layer and then twist onto the base pipecleaners.

DIY Tiara

The third layer is similar to the second except that it’s four main beads, one accent, four main beads.  You will only create three “waves”.  To finish off, carefully thread the remaining end of the pipecleaner through the last three beads and twist onto the base pipecleaner.

DIY Tiara

To make it sit on the head, twist the two loose ends of the base pipecleaner so that the tiara fits on the the wearer’s head.  And there you have it – your very own tiara.  I’m sorry if my instructions are not perfectly clear, I’m discovering that my ability to explain is not as good as my ability to show.