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Fame and Reputation is the “corner” in the far center from your front door.  It’s between the Prosperity (far left) and Relationship/Love/Marriage (far right).  It’s directly across from the Career corner which is the near center corner of your home.  Corners that are on opposite sides of your home complement each other Prosperity – Helpful People/Travel, Reputation – Career, Relationship – Skills and Knowledge, Family – Children/Creativity.  However, the partnership that seems to be the strongest is between Fame/Reputation and Career.

A good career starts with a good reputation.  For us, this section is just as important as the Prosperity corner as we attempt to build a business.  My husband and I have this strong desire to be independent from employers in about ten years.  That means finding our farm, building Sara’s Soaks and a writing career for both of us.  While the farm might not have anything to do with our reputation, I’m hoping that someone out there will make acquiring property easy (need to work on Helpful People soon).  We’re not in a position right now since I owe an incredible amount of money to Sallie Mae for the education I will most likely never use.

However, Sara’s Soaks and writing careers will depend strongly on our reputations (and fame but that word just makes me uncomfortable).

Our apartment is “missing” a room, which happens to be the Relationship/Love/Marriage corner of our home.  Since we are on the third floor, I can’t simply do something outside to fill in that space.  So I opted to use the walls that border that corner to give us a platform to add those elements to our space.

I’ve only managed to work on the back third of the apartment and in this case the remaining two corners are in our master bathroom (which is why I mashed these two corners together).

Feng Shui: Fame and Relationships Feng Shui: Fame and Relationships

You can see some Feng Shui elements already in place.  The yellow disk above the toilet is a mirrored Bagua that we turned backwards to reflect the missing corner.  The red string thing is a chinese knot butterfly.  What you don’t see is a metal and glass wind chime just over the shower curtain (I forgot to make sure to take high and low pictures).

First things first – every room gets a good deep clean.  Cupboards are cleaned out and organized.  Floors, walls and fixtures all get a good cleaning.  I even removed all the light bulbs and gave them a “bath”.  I didn’t immerse them in water but lightly rubbed them with a damp cloth to remove dirt and grime.

Thankfully, Fame/Reputation and Relationships/Love/Marriage have a lot of similar elements.  They are both fire corners which means lots of red and triangles.  Water is not good for fire so I had to come up with ways to balance the water here.  Also things that create an “up” image – columns, images that feel like you are looking up or make you think of looking up.  It’s important to keep things positive.

Fame/Reputation is the perfect corner for showcasing your favorite celebrities and role models.  Remember I showed off the small entry way into our bedroom that had a shelf of biographies.  You want to be careful not to put things in that have a reputation that you don’t want.  We had a cute picture of Tigger as you walked into the bedroom, right in the middle of the Fame “wall”.  I thought about it and replaced the picture with one of Peyton Manning.  Tigger was relocated to the creativity corner.  Peyton Manning may not be my ideal role model but he’s had a successful career and my husband loves him.

For Relationships/Love/Marriage you can add pink with the red.  You want things in pairs when possible, especially if they are elements that add “romance” such as a pair of candles or ducks.  Mirrors are also good which was perfect since our large mirror is against that corner.

For missing corners, crystals and wind chimes help encourage the chi to still acknowledge that part of your home.  It’s like little cheats.  Since this post is getting long, I will post more details of what I did next week but I want to show you the end result of the bathroom.

One thing I forgot to note is that if you need more fire in a room that has water – such as a bathroom or kitchen, Earth is a good way to balance it.  We place rocks behind our toilet to “ground” the water.

Feng Shui: Fame and Relationships

One set of rocks have been painted gold.  Not really sure where they came from but the cat drug them into the bathroom one day so I tucked them behind the toilet.

Feng Shui: Fame and Relationships

This is next to our toilet, obviously.  I took out everything and cleaned the basket before “fixing” it.  I removed most of my husband’s magazines (nearly a year’s worth of Entertainment Weekly) and replaced them with relationship books and books on marriage that I thought would accent the Relationship corner.  There’s still Entertainment Weekly which contributes to our Fame corner.

Feng Shui: Fame and Relationships Feng Shui: Fame and Relationships

This is the corner of our counter – note the crystal in the corner.  Currently it’s hidden by the heater (which only sits there when not being used).  I had the small heart candles there but moved them when I got the shelves.  When I purchased new cotton swabs I opted for red stemmed ones to accent the bathroom.  They were the same cost as the white ones and added that bit of extra fire.  The metal container they are in was leftover from our wedding.

Feng Shui: Fame and Relationships

I replaced the wind chime we had there with a red and pink one made of wooden hearts (this was an oriental trading craft we bought ages ago so I painted it for this project).  The green shelves I found at Goodwill for $3 and I thought it was perfect for the bathroom.  Green is wood which feed fire and it matches the green in our shower curtain making it tie the room together better.  I moved the heart candles to one of the shelves and added pink and red origami hearts and ducks (in pairs).  The shelves have two pegs which perfectly hold my hair towel.  I figure I’m going to add a design element to the other peg like a crystal necklace or something.  I removed the Bagua because I just didn’t like it there and rearranged the remaining elements.

The picture at the top of the shelves is a House Mouse “couple”.  I believe they are kissing while surrounded by red berries.  It fits perfectly here.  I plan on adding our wedding cake topper as soon as I locate what box it’s hiding in.  That will be the last item added since I like the simplicity of the shelves.

The things hanging by the shelves were there before – the red chinese knot butterfly, a pink “pearl” necklace, and a pink stain glass butterfly.  I know that they are not exactly pairs but I kept both butterflies to make that a set and I felt the necklace helped tie them together with the rest of the color scheme.  I know my shower curtain is purple and green so I have green and red elements to allow for the red so nothing clashes.  I personally think they work well together.

Next week, I’m going to share with you how to hide elements and balance items you want in the room with the elements that the corner needs.