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I am so behind on everything this week.  Every project I have picked up has taken ten times longer to complete and I’ve become quite obsessed with facebook games.  I nearly forgot to post today.  So I thought I’d give you a preview of our Christmas decorations, even though we aren’t quite done.  I shared the star ornaments with you last week.  We made about a dozen, mostly black and red but a few just black since we ran out of red paper.

Gothic Christmas Decorating

The square/rectangular ornaments have images from Hopeless, Maine and soon, I’ll share closer pictures and a tutorial on how I made them. Gothic Christmas Decorating

The Nightmare Before Christmas decorations were made from print-outs from the Disney website.  Search Nightmare Before Christmas and you get an amazing amount of decorations to make and goodies.  I used a needle and black thread to create hangers for all those ornaments. Gothic Christmas Decorating

My last picture is of our card holder/display.  I took the picture after I put it up.  This idea came from a woman I worked with who actually sewed a bunch of paperclips to her ribbon.  I saved time and headache by skipping the sewing.  This “holder” is simply a red velvet ribbon (about 1 1/2″ wide) that I cut to the length of our wall.  I fold the top and bottom to make nice edges before using a push pin to attach them to the wall.  In the past, I’ve used gold pins.  This year I found two black “ribbon” pins that matched our theme (they were in the bottom of a drawer). Gothic Christmas Decorating

I attach the cards using large paperclips.  The cards clip right to the ribbon with no fuss.  Occasionally, we’ll get a card that’s a little heavy to be held so those get hung at the bottom or set on a table for additional decorations.

I have more Nightmare Before Christmas ornaments to make and a black and red wreath.  Coming soon will be a tutorial on making holiday tiaras (or just an any ole time tiara if you so desire) and more Feng Shui posts.  I can’t believe how busy I have been but things should be slowing down soon that I can catch up with all the posts I have planned.