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I talked about the broader aspects of Prosperity Feng Shui in my last Feng Shui post, today I am going to talk about some of the details I have added.  As I mentioned before, many of these items were made by me.  I want it to be clear that much of what I created was out of materials I had on hand.  It’s amazing how you start to collect items that could be perfect either at that time or in the future.

If you are seriously considering using Feng Shui in your home, start looking now.  Think about the spaces you have and the areas that you want to focus on.  I recommend picking up Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life.  However, somewhere I have a nice chart I created years ago that might help.  As soon as I find it, I will post it here (sorry I didn’t think of it sooner).

Design elements for Prosperity – Gold, Red, Purple, Green, number eight, money, moving items, healthy round leaf plants, items that represent wealth (to you).

Do not have – trash cans, clutter, dirt/dust, or broken items.  Water is another thing that is tricky here but if it’s running water, such as a fountain, then it’s acceptible because it keeps the chi healthy and moving.  Drains and toilets should be covered.

Feng Shui Prosperity Part 2

Feng Shui Prosperity Part 2

These two items are easily found in an Asian market if you are interested in adding Asian elements.  My husband and I both are found of Asian style decorations so these fit well with us.  The Buddha is one we purchased somewhere and then drapped with Asian style coins strung on red ribbon.  We have other coins on ribbon hanging around our window.  I don’t know if you can see but at the top of the ball of coins is a metal chinese symbol.  That was a keychain we found on clearance at a book store.  We have found necklaces, bookmarks and other hangable items on the clearance rack at several stores over the years.

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The top picture of this group is nine Chinese New Year envelopes.  Traditionally, one gives a red envelope at the start of Chinese New Year with a crisp dollar bill (or equivalant).  These envelopes are really inexpensive and come far too many in a package so everyone in my family has some.  We added play dollars and keep nine under the cash box for our market days.  This just shows that not all elements have to be on display – they can be tucked away under your own personal design elements.

The second picture is just an older make-up kit that my parents bought me as a gift ages ago.  It currently holds all my lovely scarves.  I’m showing that because underneath it is nine japanese play dollars.  My cousin brought us these fun puppy dollars when she visited us from Japan.

Feng Shui Prosperity Part 2

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This coin tray was made by another cousin.  It’s a terra cota plant base that she painted gold with green trim.  On the bottom she glued a few coins and a couple of play dollars.  We use it to collect our loose change (which never sticks around much).  You might notice the coin with the red ribbon.  That came from Japan as well.  They toss these coins out during a festival.  They are tiny coins tied together with a small red ribbon to share prosperity.

Feng Shui Prosperity Part 2

This is a picture of Tian Lu, you may remember him from my post on Feng Shui Symbols.  All I did here was print off a color picture of Tian Lu from the internet and trim the page to fit in a 3×5 gold frame.

Feng Shui Prosperity Part 2

This is one of my favorite design elements that I have made.  I came up with this design after taking a What Goddess Are You quiz.  There were six goddesses you could be and I loved the descriptions of the goddesses.  So I went online and found art depicting each goddess and a prayer for each.  I adhered the pictures using clear contact paper to pieces of mat board.  I used rings (ones used to hold papers together) to create banners and then tied the ends with gold ribbon.  Similar banners could be made from cardstock, cardboard (even old cereal boxes), or scrapbooking paper.  For me, I just felt like I needed that extra boost of heavenly influence.

Inspiration will come from all over once you start looking for it and I can’t wait to share some more things with you as we complete our house project.  This week I’ll share how we finished our masterbath which encompasses the Fame and Relationship corners of our home.  This will lead to some fun origami one can make.  I’ll share some pieces I have made and step by step instructions on making mandarin ducks.