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This is not an easy series to write for me.  I know my Feng Shui and I have lots of ideas but it’s hard for me to actually explain it in writing.  Please ask questions and I hope this is clearer than mud when I am finished.

Today I am going to focus on the bigger picture and show off my bedroom which happens to be the Prosperity corner of the house (more on that in just a moment).  I have pictures of what the room looked like when I started and I will talk about the broader changes we made and then focus on individual changes in later posts.  I want to make it clear that we decided to order a new bed prior to deciding to Feng Shui.  Everything else we did to the room cost us nothing.  We re-arranged items, brought in items I had crafted before this particular Feng Shui project and basically did a lot of searching with in the house to put this together.  I will share some of the craft projects in future posts.  Mostly, I encourage you not to go and spend a ton of money unless you had already budgetted a remodel.  I have collected items over the years but you don’t need to spend a lot of money to make your room a place that encourages prosperity.

The prosperity corner of your house is the far left corner/section of the house from your front door (looking in).  For Feng Shui, the house is divided into nine equal “corners”.  In the past, I created borders by giving each corner a room.  Our current apartment is missing an entire corner and it got me thinking.  The corners are not so rigid but flow from one into the other.  I kept this in mind as I arranged my room.  The border corners are Fame/Reputation to the right (far center) and Family towards the door (middle left).

Fire is the dominant element in the back part of the house.  Red is the color of fire and green is the color of wood (wood feeds fire).  Both are perfect here.  As an exception – purple and gold are encouraged here since they are colors of prosperity.  The number 8 is good here but you want your money in groups of nine for the best chi.  Moving water or moving objects prevent the chi from growing stagnant.

While all that is helpful with the decorating, the most important thing to remember when it comes to the prosperity corner is it must be clean and orderly.  Feng Shui is very anti-clutter and expects cleanliness but here it’s most important.  I think Feng Shui has actually led me to be less cluttered (except in my craft space – I still can’t keep that orderly).

Here was our room before we started:

You can’t tell in these pictures but our mattress is on the floor and our headboard was attached to the wall to keep it from falling on our heads.  It was horribly cluttered (mostly with my husband’s stuff).  The tall shelving next to the bed was the clothing storage.  We haven’t found a perfect system for our clothes since our closet is not that big for two people.  When I look at those pictures I wonder how I didn’t just go crazy.  The room has no personality.

We started with a severe cleaning.  Everything got dusted and we got rid of extra stuff that didn’t bring us great joy.

Here’s our huge new bed.  It’s been weird going from the floor to a mattress that takes a step stool to climb in (not that bad but close).  We swapped the shelving unit for a wire rack set that was in our hallway.  We moved a smaller shelving unit to my husband’s side of the bed so that he could still have all his knick knacks.  I moved the lovely blue lady above our bed to my craft room and replaced it with the caligraphy my dad did (was at the end of the bed before) and a glass shamrock wreath that was in our entryway.

We didn’t have any purple bedding so I used fabric that was used as a tablecloth from our wedding.  It got a washing and then was wrapped through the bars of our new bed.  The blanket was one that we had used before but had developed a tear.  All the blankets were pulled out and stitched as needed.


In that boring corner, we moved the file cabinet my husband used as a night stand and added a goddess hanging I had made.  On top of the cabinet are pictures of family members to boost the family corner.

In the entry way of our room, I moved our over the toilet rack (which had settled in our son’s bathroom).  The laundry hamper fits perfectly under it.  I consider this the transistion from prosperity to fame.  So above the rack is a picture of Peyton Manning (hubby is a huge fan).  The red box holds all our emergency candles and lighters (to add fire).  Above that is a green box with flashlights.  I like that I know exactly where the emergency lights are and they are in a location that will remind me to check batteries and make sure we have lighters and candle holders.  The flowery book is my dream life journal that I’ll show off next week so you can make your own.  The books are by people we admire or about them (and a large dictionary because I want to be known for my words).

The fame corner is the place to place all your hopes and dreams especially when they come to the sort of life you want to be living.

The space already feels so much better and I feel it’s working.  I’ll let you know after this weekend which is my first Winter Market date.