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I know this is a Christmas song but I thought it was appropriate for this week since there’s not really many Thanksgiving clips. It’s sad that such a wonderful holiday gets overlooked in the mash of Halloween and Christmas. For some, this is the start of the Christmas season. For others, it’s a major football/shopping weekend.
For my family, it’s nearly a guarantee that my siblings will come home for a visit. Right now we have one cute little niece and another on the way so it’s my baby time. It’s been a long road for me and my siblings. I’m significantly older so it felt like they stayed kids for far too long and they are just finally getting to be adults. I’m looking forward to this Thanksgiving so I am going to warn you that the week might lack for posts. You should be spending time with your family instead of reading my blog anyway (though I am grateful for my audience as much as I am my family).