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One of the most difficult concepts in the form of Feng Shui we use is elements.  In Feng Shui there are 5 elements that follow in two cycles – creative and destructive.  The same is true in nature so the concept is easy to understand.  It just feels complicated.

Each element has it’s own color scheme and shape which lends to the ideal decor for each corner of your home (remember a living space is broken up into nine “corners” or segments).

The elements are Fire, Water, Wood, Metal and Earth.  Air is not in these cycles because it is technically in everything.  I believe that Air and Chi are connected and related and something I will touch on later in this post.

The creative cycles goes as follows: Fire makes Earth which creates Metal which holds Water which feeds Wood which fuels Fire.

Destructive – Earth dams Water which douses Fire which melts Metal which cuts Wood which pierces Earth.

It’s quite logical.  The reason this is important is because you want to boost the element for each corner by adding something that creates while reducing that which destroys.

For example, our Master Bathroom is in the Fame/Reputation and Love/Relationship corners.  They are Fire elements.  A bathroom is naturally water which means I need to play up the Fire as well as the Earth.  Earth destroys Water, allowing the Fire to ignite the corner.

I can do this in several ways – I could add a small tree-like plant which would not only reduce the water effect but the wood increases the fire.  I could add a picture of a campfire in the woods which gives a little fire, wood and earth.  I could tie red (Fire) or yellow (Earth) ribbons to my pipes.  Tape squares of yellow paper to the inside of my cabinet or behind the toilet to boost the Earth or triangles of red paper to boost the fire.  If I wasn’t in my apartment, I could paint the walls a red or yellow depending on what I like (any shade is acceptable).  The options are only limited by my imagination.

As you learn which element is in which corner, you will need to remember what the color scheme and shape is for each element.

Fire – Reds, Triangles, Points (like a fire)

Metal – White, Grey, Round or Mounded

Water – Blue, Black, Un-dulating or Free-forms

Wood – Green, Browns, Rectangles, Columns, Vertical

Earth – Yellow, Orange, Brown (earthtones), Square, Horizontal, Flat

I promised I’d explain Chi before I finished this post.  Chi is easy to understand.  Chi means energy.  In Feng Shui, everything you do is to attract Chi.  The idea is that Chi will “energize” specific elements of your life.  You can balance the Chi in your home so that all the parts of your life are in balance or you can increase the chi in specific areas to create more “help” in that part of your life.

For example, you are looking for a new job because your current one no longer pays all your bills.  You would increase the Chi in the Prosperity, Career and Reputation areas to encourage a better paying job.

You’ve been diagnosed with an illness or you want to avoid flu season.  You’d boost the Chi in your Health and Helpful People corners.  If you want it to affect your family then you might increase the Chi in the Family corner as well.

You want to have another baby – Health, Children and maybe Helpful People.

With us, money is always where we start and then we work on the rest.

Early in my marriage, I redid the bathroom which happened to be the Love/Relationship/Marriage corner.  We were having some problems (we are incredibly willful personalities) but the remodel gave us a project to work together.  I don’t know if it was the Chi or the common goal but in the end our relationship was stronger for it.

I hope this is getting your mouth watering for the posts when I break down each corner.  I apologize that this might be a slow series because I want you to see the process we go through for each space.  Currently, we are cleaning each space and de-cluttering before we start adding items for the elements.

This past weekend we re-arranged some of the furniture and did some heavy cleaning.  It’s not as deep of a clean as I would like but even just that little bit of work has made our house more inviting.  And it seems that some prosperity might be in our near future.  I will say that we’ve been blessed with some helpful people in dealing with our vehicle issues.  All in all, I have no regrets and I can’t wait to see what happens next.