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If you haven’t yet, take the time to watch the documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. I watched it a couple of months back and fell in love with the idea of juice fasting, however I didn’t think I could do it. My husband watched the documentary a few weeks ago and really pushed to try it. We agreed on trying it for a week but not without planning.
Even all the best plans have unexpected issues and we just wanted to have a plan we could be successful with. The documentary has the individuals making their own juice concoctions but we didn’t have access to a juicer so I opted to purchase juice. We understand that this is not as healthy as juicing it ourselves but we felt that we would be more successful with pre-made juices.
I did some research and my husband talked with his doctor before we decided on the plan. This past Saturday we went to Costco to get our juice. We wanted to get Naked Juice’s Green Machine because it had no additives. Costco only carried the Blue Machine but after comparing it to the other mixed juice there we decided it was still a better choice. The Blue Machine has added vitamins but nothing funky like soy lecithin. We picked up 3 64 oz Blue Machine juices for $5.99 each. To supplement that, we also picked up 64 oz of Mango juice (also Naked Juice) for $5.99, a 3 pack of 32 oz bottles of carrot juice for $6.99 and a two pack of 64 oz cranberry raspberry for $6.89. We had picked up a huge thing of spring/spinach salad mix for our last meal but ended up not really eating dinner after a huge late lunch.
We knew that we could supplement at home with homemade apple cider and pear cider. And we would be drinking kombucha with our juice to give us that extra punch.
We survived Sunday which should be the hardest day as we were home most of the day.
We started the morning off with 8 oz of blue machine, 4 oz mango juice and 4 oz kombucha. Lunch was a couple of small tomatoes left over from our garden and several handfuls of the salad mix blended with carrot juice. I know it’s not exactly juice but I didn’t want the vegetables to go bad and we still don’t have a juicer in the house (it’s out visiting family but may return this week). That came out to about 12 oz of juice and then we had 4 oz of mango with 4 oz of kombucha mixed. For dinner we had warm apple cider that had been warmed with whole spices and then we finished with more mango and kombucha.
Breakfast, this morning, was 8 oz blue machine mixed with 4 oz mango juice and 4 oz kombucha. My lunch is three jelly jars of juice. We’re drinking lots of water and adding a cup of tea as needed.
We’re doing this as a family but our son knows that if needs to eat, he can. We’re not forcing anyone to starve and we are only doing this for 6 days. On Saturday we will have an actual dinner of zucchini and tomato sauce. We want to ease ourselves into a “regular” diet but hope that the one we come back to will be healthier. We’re also hoping to use this time to understand the food allergies we have just a bit better.
We have a lot of hopes. We hope this will help us make that final push towards an unprocessed life, this will help us detox and cleanse our bodies of all the allergens and toxins, and allow us to finally take care of our bodies they way they deserve to be taken care of. Yes, we have been working on this but for once my entire family is on the same page. They choose this instead of me strongly encouraging the change. For me, this is a major step forward and a positive direction for my family’s health.
Will it be hard? I’m surprised I didn’t dream about pizza all night. We ended up doing this on a very tough week. I’m hormonal and it’s Halloween. My son is too old for trick or treating (his choice not mine) and we don’t have any candy in the house. We’re passing out toys and apples but that doesn’t mean we aren’t thinking about those bags of candy. I told my husband I might cheat and add a little cocoa powder to one of my drinks. He told me if I desperately need a piece of candy then I shouldn’t deprave myself. We’ll see how strong I am. I may be at the coffee shop later this week getting something hot and milky but then again, maybe the good will prevail and my cravings will go away. It’s only a week. I can make it a week.