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I know this is a terrible picture but I needed something so you can pin this if you so desire.  It’s important to me to be able to pin food blog posts so I feel it’s important to reciprocate.

Speaking of blogs, I was out in blog land and came across this post.  Making homemade sour cream hadn’t actually occured to me, yet but it seemed so easy.

Guess what – it was.  It’s even more simple than my cream cheese which I find rather easy.

I didn’t get a cost analysis this time because I forgot about the buttermilk.  My dad picked it up for me and didn’t tell me how much it cost.  Homemade sour cream is a little softer but I think it could be dripped or let sit longer to get it thicker.  I plan on trying this with yogurt to see if it works as well as the buttermilk.

So what did I do?  It all starts with heavy or whipping cream and cultured buttermilk.  It’s a ratio of 3 parts cream to 1 part buttermilk.  I have a four cup glass measuring cup so I poured in one cup buttermilk and three cups cream.  I still have about a cup of cream left – that cost me under $3.50.  And I have a lot of buttermilk left which should make another 3 batches of sour cream if I so choose to use it for that.  I can’t freeze the buttermilk because it would lose the properties that allow it to be cultured (insert Shakespeare joke here – my husband had plenty).

I mixed them and then let the dish sit out.  I did cover it with cheesecloth because the coffee filters aren’t big enough to cover the cup well.  I thought about using a quart jar but it didn’t quite fit 4 cups of liquid.

Nearly 24 hours later, I served the sour cream with dinner.  We actually ate it on muffin slices while we were waiting for dinner to be ready.  I know that sounds gross – the family thought I was weird until they took a bite.  It was soft and tangy.  It was the best sour cream I had ever had.  It didn’t clump on our main dish like store bought does.  It’s funny that we actually think that the gelatinous mass they sell is good.  I love store bought sour cream – or I thought I did.  I’m tempted to add a touch of lime salt to some of the sour cream to create a more mexican style sour cream (or so we’re sold in the store).

For lunch, I ate a quesadilla, tomatoes and corn chips with my sour cream.  I actually licked the sour cream container (I eat lunch away from home so I didn’t lick the big container, though I could have).  I was sorry I didn’t have more.  It tastes amazing.  I can’t say it enough.  Some day we are getting a cow or goats and watch out.  I’ll be a dairy making fool.

I might need to go to Costco and get the half gallon of heavy cream (I think it was just over $6).  That should use up the remaining buttermilk and keep us in sour cream for awhile.  Just think – tacos, stroganoff, sour cream cakes – all with this amazing creamy goo that I had had a hand in making.