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I saw the cutest picture of a canning ring pumpkin on a blog which I then pinned for later use.  That blogger had gotten the idea of the pumpkin when she saw a wreath made of canning rings.

If you do a lot of canning, you have a ton of rings.  It is always said that you do not store your canned goods with the rings on.  This is a good tip for many reasons, mostly because the foods leak a little when waterbathing and the rings get sticky and gross.  I’ve taken to removing the rings before the jars are stored so that I can wash any stickiness off the jar.  However, this leaves me with boxes and buckets of rings that just take up space.  I used to store my rings on a really long shoelace and hang them on a hook.  That worked but it wasn’t pretty.

I liked the pumpkin look so I made up two.  The original post used cinnamon sticks and squares of burlap to make the stem and leaves.  I used two empty green prescription bottles and some paper.  I am in love with these pumpkins.  The best part is they are appropriate decorations for two months.  After that I can hang them on the wall with some green and red ribbon to make them into Christmas decorations.  I can turn the pumpins over and have a place to set candy canes or potpourri if I so desire.  The options are endless.  This one simple techinique has turned storing my canning rings into decorating possibilities.  When I need them, I can easily take apart a set of rings and use them.

As for securing the rings – I used strips of leather.  You can use yarn, ribbon, shoelaces – to make them easy to untie, don’t tie them with a knot.  Use a loopy knot like you would tie your shoes with.